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A total of thirty four digital world full agents Tarazona the government is concerned about a group of civilians called the minute men for them. Today's announcement is too little too late on Monday a thousand minute men, some armed we'll begin patrolling twenty three miles drudge of their zone 'as border, claiming border patrol agents need help are we going out looking for a firefight. Absolutely. Not. Do we have a right to be there? Yes. That's United States territory, the border patrol fear. Some of the minute men are neither trained nor prepared to encounter a legal immigrants and smugglers. We feel that you if you bring untrained civilians to an area, they don't know that the likelihood of him getting into the series violent incident is is very high. The civilian fake border patrol. This comes up and around every few years people who have been whipped up into a frenzy into believing that the border is being overrun, and he can help what the border patrol desperately needs is their untrained civilian vigilante fake uniform. Roger gator help. It's not actually helpful. It's never been helpful the actual people who work on the border for US law enforcement. Never think it's helpful. So tonight, we're reporting on these leaks documents from the US military that have ended up getting published in Newsweek magazine, the top line result. Here is that in terms of this deployment that the president has ordered of US active duty troops to the border. Right ahead of the election, the military assessment about the threat, they're going there to stop this migrant caravan coming up from Central America military's assessment about that as an actual threat is that only a small percentage of any of those migrants who are part of that caravan right now, we'll end up ever reaching the border. Here's what the military assesses as the most likely course of action for that. Caravan quote, caravan dwindles, as it nears US, there is limited criminal exploitation and no terrorist infiltration, so no criminal problem. No terrorist problem and not all that many people overall. Also, nobody's going to be anywhere for a really long time there eight hundred to two thousand miles away depending on which route they take. So active duty troops are being sent there. Apparently in huge numbers on the president's orders right before the election in he's making his biggest show out of it as possible speech at the White House today and everything. But now, we know that the military itself. Assesses the situation there as nowhere near the kind of terrible immediate existential threat that the president is preaching to the country as suppose justifying this deployment. So it's interesting with this document with James the Puertas reporting. He's the one who obtained this document for Newsweek, we can see what the military is apparently not at all worried about here's a neat thing about this document, though, in this document, we can't see what the military is most worried about with this deployment with this just in time for the election border troop, deployment, it turns out what the military Cording to these documents. According to these leaked documents what the military is most actually worried about are Americans who show up to play militia and fake patrol the border themselves. They say among the events of interest. They need to be concerned about our quote, an estimated two hundred unregulated armed militia members currently operating along the southern border for one thing. The Pentagon says based on their past experience with these vigilante anti immigrant militia guys one of the problems with them. They know from past experience is that they steal look at this under events of interest. I quote reported incidents of unregulated militias stealing national guard equipment during deployments. So. Okay, active-duty troops. If you or somebody in your family is going to be part of this fifteen thousand troop deployment to the border just in time for the election. You already know. And now, we know thanks to these documents that the military assesses, basically, no credible threat of that caravan overwhelming the border, but the military does want you to keep your eyes peeled for the armed militia vigilante guys who were excited about the caravan who might be looming in the area and trying to steal your stuff. Joining us now is James LaPorta investigative journalist at Newsweek is a former US marine infantryman himself, Mr. LaPorta. It's really nice to have you with us night..

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