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Treatment for ngo dima is largely the same as arctic area though corticosteroids may be more commonly used so to summarize many things can cause or to carry ah but an extensive lab work up is not necessary treatment should be step wise and second generation in a his two means should be your mainstay of treatment we're going to wrap up this issue with the discussion of a practice guideline from the american academy of dermatology on acne vulgarities ira we're going to go through three key points in some extra bullet points from this article for treating acne bulgara's these fall the american academy dermatology guidelines for managing this condition here we go point one the first line treatment from mild acne vulgarities include ends up side or a topical retina wide or a combination is medications from moderate acne vulgarities a combination of benzopyrene inside with a topical antibiotic anna topical retina loyd or both can be used you can add an oral antibiotic if necessary and i said vera acne vulgarities you can have an oral antibiotic with a benzyl proxided topical antibiotic and a topical red night dokic point two topical or oral antibiotics should not be used as a motto fear of the because of the risk of developing bacterial resistance the choice of a topical agents should be based on a patient's age acne sites severity in patient preference eta addicts should then be prescribed for just the shortest amount of time necessary and you should reassess after using them for three or four months point three tetracyclene the preferred oral antibiotic doxycycline aninat cycline are more effective than tetracyclene we don't really have good data for other antibiotics outside a tetracyclene or macro leads pregnant women and children younger than hd receiver earth or maya sen and as if their my assassin and backstrom should be given to those patients who can't take tetracycline or they fail as antibiotic treatment.

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