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I'm Tara Gatewood and we are at the other side of the week of rocking. Your mocks. Today is The original date that started eight years ago which grew to a whole week celebration. And I've seen on social media people posting about what it means means to rock. There mocks their traditional footwear. And there is so much that I'm learning about who we are as indigenous people and I'm definitely learning learning how proud we are how strong we are. Resilient we are and what we have thrived through That's something exciting. Because not every day are we able able to just kind of talk about this stuff and rock your mocks. It seems is giving us a reason to do that. In a space A platform to show just how how proud we are as indigenous people and maybe even start a conversation about You know what it took for us to be able to be standing where we are. Inner egner traditional footwear anything to share about that. Call US right now. One eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight. Is the number on the line with us. Today is Matthew Anderson Eh Oklahoma he's a cultural specialist for the Cherokee Arts Center and here in Studio forty-nine with us is Melissa Sanchez a producer with emergence productions and and the founder of rock. Your Mocks Jess at sea from Laguna Pueblo. A thank you all for being here in the stories. The story start in the keep keep coming Melissa WanNa turn to you just The things that you have seen since Maybe even the beginning of this week in in seeing people people stories and building today and all of the different things that are going to be taking place across the nation this weekend the stories anything there. Melissa shirt thanks thanks and I was just writing. A note suggests that There it is a social media event as well and that's really the origins of it and that means there's a big rock. Your Mocks Party happening on the Internet right now. And that's all over the world so it's amazing to I should explain my role As event annual event producer for rock your mocks What that means is When we teamed up in twenty thirteen gene my role became to make the event happen each year create and evolve and you know gather ideas and do what I can and together we come up with new ideas and get new ideas from everybody posting? So it's kind of my job to look at all these posts and which is explaining what we're off air that there's comes a certain point that the posts that are hash tagged with rock. Your mocks gained so much momentum that I can't keep up anymore so thank you for that bet With the story the stories. That you all post on with your pictures of your moccasins. Your moccasins fees your group Marcus and sell fees they're so inspiring and it always reminds me and Jessica and I'm sure everybody nobody else following the Hashtag the of the ancestral connections and that these photos wherever you are in the world are sparking these conversations and and that for teachers and educators Everywhere that there are opportunities to share information and help the kids get creative. We see the many ideas is that The kids are doing. We seem bulletin boards Today I saw the medallions that are being made and it really. is Aw I guess in this day and age away to bring us altogether as suggests original idea of unity you know we all have that cultural identity and that we all still learn about each other. Every time this happens every year in the stories Even the people who are making them on one oh sharing about an individual ritual in my own community that many people were proud to wear his work That triggered something in you and in a huge smile came across your face Av WanNA share about just maybe even one of those stories. What I see is the There seems to be might just be The platform that form of social media but people being able to share their stories and see a lot more interest in the creation moccasins. And also I see people who get creative one. Mom sent her daughter a care package to college and it was all the necessary. Items to create. MOCCASINS ends well. She has some downtime at college. So that was a really neat idea. And Justice Morning The city of Albuquerque issued a proclamation Shen for rock your mcstay Iraq. Your mocks week in here in Albuquerque and we met a mother and her daughter and The daughter was is wearing heirloom moccasins. That were beated. All the way up to the cavs they look brand new and she said that they hadn't come out in twelve years because her mom had passed away A.. And for this Special Day rock your mock stay. She thought it was really good day. See a connection to have her daughter where her mom's her daughters grandma's must moccasins and those stories that we see and read are so moving and I'm sure that they're inspiring everybody around the world as well and this is also inspire hire people to not only wear their moccasins but also to wear their traditional clothing Melissa your somebody that I've run into in different places aces and spaces and you are wearing traditional clothing In representing and talk to me a little bit about that too where you know. It is also brought people out into the open wearing their traditional clothing. I think that in New Mexico again. We're blessed that we do see that on on a day to day that it there's Pueblo women wearing traditional Clothing and when we go out and represent especially for this event and it is nice to be able to wear those kind of our formal uniform so to speak when we're representing This particular keillor event. It's a great opportunity and again that also sparks Interest from people. And we get the chance to talk about perhaps national native American heritage month or who the Pueblo. People are It it means a lot to us to be able to US being an example of of Pueblo. People and you know if if we were elsewhere in any other region to share those Cher those stories and see Sippy just had a traditional where and rockier moxie yesterday. So we're seeing a lot of those events as well L. but it also creates those opportunities for our young folks to learn about their own regalia and what's appropriate. How to put it on how to wrap your marks and things like that? a time to think about community to and That's what I use it for. You know when when rock your mcstay comes is to connect with the community or Remember those that are important to us or those who have made a mark on our life and even down to what I'm wearing today wearing a ribbon skirt that was gifted to me at a big drum ceremony in thinking of that community. That invited me in to stand with them as they were celebrating things things that were passed onto them through their community through their generations. And a Lotta Times a win. We are putting our minds on these. He's moments on these people. We get stronger. And there is strength in wearing Our traditional clothing or clothing that was gifted to us in this way and our ancestors a lot of We heard from Melvin at the top of the hour talking about a when we weren't allowed to wear clothing when we weren't allowed allowed to feel that strength and today here we are. We can do that. And here is an event that is supporting some of that. Melissa Talk to me about the strength you have when when you were wearing either your traditional clothing or even wearing your moccasins with your favorite pair of jeans sometimes Along that line we all take it for granted it We take our culture and heritage. It's there for US and This is a friendly reminder that They're an unifies. All of us that we do have our cultural heritage and yes it is good to feel connected everywhere especially within our communities we most often take that for granted and then we all come together and support each other in times a need be sad or happy or a fun event like this. So that's one of the positives positives and benefits of this particular type of event but for me with Regalia it is especially Comforting I feel Kinda like and incestual I think about my ancestors on both sides of the tribe said that I belong to and what they had gone through before in their in their days in there Erez and Before the you know the the transitioning into the type of lifestyle that we do all have now and it is It brings me back and grounds grounds.

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