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Jason. He's on the sanjay. I heard it myself. He's the power media. All i was saying. I was curious to hear christians thoughts on no no. I'm not beeping on it. I wonder how long is the roadway that bill does have zubin. I'm with you preaching patients but if expectations are to win championships. And you're talking about bill bell and sixty nine years old. How much longer do you give him if they have marginal seasons before. You're looking at josh mcdaniels. Saying how. What's the reason for josh mcdaniels. Coming back in the first place like in is this organization going to if they don't get the results pretty soon within a year or two. Are you looking at josh mcdaniels. Is it time to have a new. Pov with how this franchise needs to be ran and it's not saying that you're not thankful for everything that bill has brought to the table. It's not saying you're not thankful for having the greatest the greatest quarterback and coach combination of all time and individually the greatest quarterback and individually the greatest coach. But when do you look for a new style to be implemented. If this doesn't seem this patriot way that has gotten amplified. Take to a different level by tom. Brady and it feels like. We're watching the tom brady way. I wonder what happens to the patriot. Way at bill belichick can sustain. That's all i was asking. You know i can. I can break it all the way down a lot of different ways from where they were at this year to cam newton getting covert to other guys opting out before the seat. It's a lot of different ways. You can couch it and in the end they still had a shot at making the playoffs. And just look. Tom brady found the right team for him with the right personnel for him. New england personnel was not great this year and bill belichick will be the first to tell you that as he said earlier in the season as people started to take. This particular road is that the cap did some things to them. That didn't allow them to retool it situations. That's not an excuse. He drafted poorly places. He wasted a pick on on Nicole harry out of arizona state. Julian edelman gets hurt. I mean when you start to look at a lot of the different things that happened to the organization. I wouldn't be quick to say that. They're running out of steam up in new england to say they're in a rebuilding shuffle a deck. Get the right chords out there to compete for the next several years. That's what i will look eh. Tom brady was a key component. To what they've done over the what they see it over the last twenty years. There's no question about that. But at the same time bill belichick pick a whole lot of awesome players from richard. See more of the world to coaching. Tedy bruschi mind you. He was part of the draft. It part of that coaching staff that drafted willie mcguinness tyler ty law in lawyer milloy and tedy bruschi those guys he reaped he reap those benefits but then he coached him up along the way so he did play a role in part in that and when you look at the dr branches of the world. He was appointed at training for randy moss and getting the most out of moss that moss was so great for them. Even though they didn't win a championship they played in the super bowl. Or you look at the christopher as he was a part of. Was tom brady. Tom brady was just a quarterback in at the end he needs a fine. He needs to find a guy. Quarterback put a whole bunch of other players as well. And i know the way it looks. They are very bad. The tampa bay buccaneers won the superbowl. So it looks as though. Tom took everything that he had in winter. Tampa bay within and left bill belichick with nothing. They didn't have nothing to start with. Tom decided that he was going to go. South to the tampa bay bucks agree with you're saying is when your head. Coach is also your general manager. And he's making those personnel decisions. There has to be. You have to put that into the fact that today equation. No no question about j. Sometimes when you have the luxury of having a tom brady you may not feel the selections the way you would if you didn't have a tom brady instead of drafting a guy so low because you could get based on the make your team. He fits and plugs in the right way. Maybe your approach to spending less money on players was fine. Then now you have to spend more money on outside free agents because you gotta get better players instead of guys that you could just plug in. Those days may be gone for bill belichick and maybe he desai's with the salary cap. I need to address in. Go get an alan robertson at receiver. I may go out there. It really make a strong push. For this quarterback this left tackle opposed to finding low hanging fruit in maximizing that low hanging fruit for one or two or three years and ain't going getting low hanging fruit again for one or two three years. I'm just curious. Who's their lightning. Rod moving forward and i think it's gonna be a big question for that. They get a guy like marcus. Mariota is that a guy that can take them to new heights. Like there's there's a player to that you have to respect that say. Hey this is transformative type players and right now. I don't see any of those players on a roster. I would say a couple of things here number one. The biggest thing that they're going to have to do this year is day are known well known for trading back in the draft to accumulate picks. That's a classic bella. Check move on your picking thirty two all the this time or do that. When you have. Tom brady. I got you this time around. You're picking in the top fifteen and they would be wise to pick fifteen. Here's the other thing. If they if they select the right people they can move back as long as you as long as you get the right guys..

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