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Like you said in the beginning he's like, please please help me asking for stuff and then he starts demanding stuff and telling the dispatcher a little bit like how To do giving her orders yeah right. Yeah. Giving her orders in definitely points that out once that is all out his calmer more straightforward demeanor switches off and backed hysterics of the beginning of the call yet. Again, I can see this both ways right? Like I think somebody WHO's super skeptical will look at this and say you're clearly putting on a show and you're turning it on and off when you need to when you you know when you can't keep the show going or you're gonNA someone upsets you and no, it's Mr it sir. I also kind of look at this against someone who is very Taipei some might call me controlling hope really. Yeah crazy right. So I can see how if I was in this situation and panicking like I'm already making a plan and thinking ten steps ahead and if I don't feel like I'm getting the response that I need the urgency that I need you will shift gears to try to achieve. That yeah. I'll shift gears and I will start giving orders. So I understand I don't know if that's his personality type but I can understand being panicked and being terrified and when no one is giving you the help I think that they should be I can imagine being like listen like you need to do X. Y. Z. to make sure we get this done and I can see myself going. into that mode and once I feel like someone else can take it from there. Then kind of letting go and going back to two panicking, right right and I can like you said like I can see that side of it too. But something else that stuck out to me and I think you and statement analysis is he never wants says Michelle's name Yeah Yeah I notice in every single time. He talks better and just like statement analysis other posts about the call says, he only talks about Michelle as she relates to him and kind of uses language at distances him from her like she's his girlfriend or just she never Michelle or even my girlfriend Michelle nothing like that. No no connection right like you would think it would be if it's only cared about it's their name, it's their individuality. Right, and again, both sides of at Devil's advocate here it also could be maybe part of. The training he's had on the job separation. Yeah. Yeah. where I understand that it's happening to him at this point in its in his home. I don't know that. That's the reason. I. Don't know this guy but that could that be a reason for not saying her name it's more just like here the facts I need you to get here. There's a woman it doesn't matter that her name's Michelle she needs help. Now, obviously, you know this is the call that comes in we could continue to spend on this for gays, but they do get help to the house. So some of the very first responders on the scene are actually Jeremy's co workers. So they're familiar with both him and Michelle just like Jeremy said, there is Michelle on her back bleeding out from a gunshot wound according to Walt, Bogdanich and Glenn Silvers reporting in The New York Times Jeremy Service weapon is laying near Michelle's body with the tactical light still on which matches up with Jeremy's claim that we heard on the nine one one call that she shot herself. Her open purse is sitting in the kitchen and first responders can see to prescription pill bottles inside. But when they look for the pills themselves, those are actually found in Michele's right pocket. Despite the EMT's trying to take life saving measures..

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