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Voight leads the majors home runs and that actually got lost in the shuffle last not at the stadium. And the pitches swan a high fly to let Gurriel back. He's on the track that ball. Is Gone another home run for the yanks another home run for void that was hit as high as it went far. Wow John Sterling here on the fan of Moonshot one of seven Yankee homers last night TJ Lemay with two of them Kyle. Higashio ahead three nearly four long fly out and other at that thirteen to two rob the blue jays clint frazier also went deep. Here he is on Gosh yoke is surprising big night. It's it's really cool moment for him We mentioned the other day that he was gonna cut his hair because he didn't have a home run with long hair yet and I guess the haircut paid off because he got three tonight he also called Garrett Cole is one hundred th career win seven innings of one run ball took a no hitter into the sixth another good outing for one of Aaron Boone starters. I just think he's doing a really good job of of using his four pitch mix and and I think that's been a story line for. Really a lot of our stars right now as they find their stride at the right time. So are the Yanks has a whole seven straight wins now twenty, eight and twenty one they'll go for the three game sweep of Toronto Tonight laboratories. Again, in this one, he has the quad issue and boom which just playing it safe. I just felt like you know Hennequin solve train staff and everything just one more day is best to make sure this doesn't become an issue forest and Giancarlo Stanton. Ever, interviewed Aaron Boone that's how we have to do it. Through, like yeah. So So Aaron, tell us. About. Giancarlo Stanton. Situation. He would probably pick up on her right away though because he's freshness. He's in a Persian guy. Yeah Yeah. Giancarlo Stanton Hidden. CEELO's pregnant pauses. So Times man I hope to look up to see if you're still alive well, you know. I have to check in on zoom and see if you're like still in the midst of what you want to say, you know as boomers pointed our not altogether. So gets a little awkward sometimes that's alright. Life goes on. So Stanton out of the lineup after returning from the I. L. Tuesday part of the plan to eat him back in hill obviously mostly be DHL perhaps exclusively. So what's he doing to make sure he avoids another injury? New a new warm up new mid game routine if certain. Things happen in the game go Carlos Stanton. Ninety. Minutes between at bats are running the basis as he tries to avoid those soft tissue injuries. Tonight, you got Masahiro Tanaka and Chase Anderson pregame on the fan at six, twenty five, the mets come from behind to beat the phillies at citizens. Bank..

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