Cornyn, Franks, Dick Reynolds discussed on Monday Morning Podcast


Franks numbers just even though he does not even aware that he's his numbers just of dick reynolds one for three billboards ops that's pretty cool you know i think that upped the any of our show the status anyways to all i know i'm cornyn who does your show who do you do you show without to oscar winners allison janney and sam rockwell laura dern justin long day kcna raimondo i can go on forever by the way i'm really love and i don't wanna jinxed it put this season 3 i know him thiesen it early we've been laughed when our asked us in the room but i gotta yesterday i i came in landed in i was really tired because i did a show the night before the job four shots show down at the improv i had a beer two after the end of the uh at the end of the show get onto like you know one in the morning us up to like that and then my daughter my daughter gets up at like quarter just six six o'clock it's hilarious you know it just come downstairs you can't you know at this point like my drink so little now is now i don't know what happened like if i have like like one beer at two bears like the next day you know my daughter wished me up and it's just like i feel it's on waking up just not liking hungover just feeling like less energized.

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