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You either revealed it or you didn't in questions as to whether or not you had a reason not to reveal it or you didn't know you have to reveal it. I don't take a lot of witness testimony to get to. You're gonna see, I think as you as you read the news some fireworks probably with respect to the testimony of Rick gates regain its was one of Paul manafort's right hand men both in the campaign also at their lobbying business. He you will recall was charged at the same time the Paul Manafort was, but regains flipped an issue. We talk about a lot in the show and decided in hopes of future leniency from judge to testify against Paul Manafort in opening statements yesterday predictably the defense lawyer for Paul Manafort decided to do what defense lawyers do, which is attack the cooperating witness as a liar as someone who's trying to save his own skin. And we'll see if it works. My prediction is not because it sounds like Rick gates will be very, very corroborated by documentary evidence in his sort of there to tell the story. But we'll see when he testifies. One last point on Paul Manafort and how he's been treated as we talked about on the podcast. I think a couple of weeks ago he's been treated very well considering that he violated the terms of his release, even though he's been remanded to custody, he had a lot of occasion to meet with his lawyers. He had a laptop he himself by his own admission so that he was treated like VIP in jail. Notwithstanding any of that Donald Trump decide to another trial because why not? What else does he have to do and tweeted a little while ago this morning, quote, looking back on history who is treated worse Alfonse Capone easing the whole name, legendary mob boss, killer and public enemy number one, or Paul Manafort political operative and Reagan dole darling now serving solitary confinement, although convicted of nothing, whereas the Russian collusion, that's a mishmash of non sequiturs. The make absolutely no sense at all. When Donald Trump says, looking back on history, he should maybe try that before tweeting about criminal defendants. This is narrow and I'm calling from New York, and I heard lots of journalists on television and radio who just not we incitement with comedown especially about the Russian, no more radio goes those. Thank you. Thanks Meryl. And I think, look, it's a really good point. I think that if you really want to understand what's going on, it's fine to listen to a podcast, it's fine. Listen to the pundits on television, but you really get a feel for what's going on in detail rather than sound bite by reading the documents themselves. And by the way, many of these documents rashly very well written until a story is not just all legal terms and jargon in it's well worth your time to look at them typically because we're in the age of the internet. Anytime you see a story pop up about a new indictment or a guilty plea or some other such development in the investigation. Usually in the typical New York Times article or Wall Street Journal article or Washington Post article, there's a link to the da. Argument, but I would also like to put in a plug for a very good friend, Ben witness and his law, fair blog. If you go a law, fair blog dot com. The commentary on that site is usually excellent initially, pretty quick and deeper than what you see in mainstream newspapers, and they will also have the documents that you can read directly. Guest this week is Bill Browder. He first came on the show in October to talk about the murder of his lawyer. Sergei Magnitsky what Bill has done to seek Justice for his friend since that time a A lot's lot's happened. happened at the recent Helsinki summit Vladimir Putin specifically and personally asked for built be handed over to Russia, a request that President Trump called an incredible offer. I speak with Bill about what's changed for him for our country and for the world that's coming up. Stay tuned. Stay tuned is supported by ZipRecruiter. So I just finished a draft of my book and let me tell you doing that alone was neither fun nor easy working with a team is a much better way to go in. ZipRecruiter is the best place to find a team that works for you. They're matching technology and easy to use website,.

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