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That black and white players could compete not get into like fights Could compete athletically On a level playing field if you will And that gave him great motivation and mary molly treasured that letter And he joe horrigan from the pro. Football hall of fame always talked to marrying often. Talk to mary ann about that. Mary himself admitted you know he. He talked about how he had that letter and it was one of the proudest things he'd ever had. And and it was very enlightening for ricky. Because you know there was. There was fear of you know if you're going to integrate leagues. There was literally fear of fights breaking out black and white players play against one another but but branch rickey seeing that Really influenced him and set the stage and a lot of ways for him to sign. Jackie robinson the brooklyn dodgers in nineteen forty seven a year after motley and willis played for the browns and and washington and strode for the rams right. He didn't waste any time branch rickey he way went right now at the next year. And that's an example folks so what you'll find in this book. I want to tell you a quick story bob. I had the opportunity. I was at a card showdown. I think. He's a saint. Peter tampa and otto. Graham was there and they also had marion motley now. Marian needed a ride from his hotel to the mall with with the card show was so they asked me to go get him so i hop in my car. My rent a car and head over to the hotel. Fine marian get him into the car and we started heading over to the car show and such fascinating stories What a gentleman. He was in Very soft spoken and the chemistry between he developed with otto. Graham was really legendary. wasn't it it really was And they got along so well and that was one thing that you know. Paul brown pulp brown was legendary coach. A hall of fame coach known mostly for his brilliant schemes and strategy and motivation to a large degree. Very successful at massillon washington. High school in massillon ohio..

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