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Dominic cummings who gave an interview to the bbc from which we learned that swiftly after helping engineer johnson's thumping election winning two thousand nineteen cummings began plotting to depose him within days of the election. You were discussing. Getting rid of this foolishness. We'll be discussing. It doesn't apply it doesn't know how can you find me. And we got him in at because we have to solve a certain not because we thought that he was the right person during the country. So we've also learned that dominic cummings dominic mackenzie actual cummings of old. People is some sort of devious manipulator. The acceptance of whom into ones in the circle appears approximately as sagacious as keeping a snake. In your sleeping bag it has been quite the education this week. Yes let's have that clip. Everyone doing their captain reynaud from casablanca. Bit blows my way. Blow me down earlier in the week. Almost by way of a trailer for cummings confessional. We learned of a pilot scheme attention passengers. We've now reached destination. We'll hope you enjoyed the kind all that but whatever you started. Now let's roll with it. The pilot scheme we loaned off was one which exempts a select few recipients of a contact alert from the uk's test and trace app from the tedium of isolation and we'd loaned really very remarkably quickly off the saaji jovan secretary of state for health and apparently also full led to an irony tested positive for covet nineteen in the run-up to what had been billed as freedom day on monday job. It's positive test result. Obviously nailed boris. Johnson and richie soon eck chancellor of the exchequer as close contacts but it was explained that they were on this pilot scheme so it was all fine. This played. they learned pretty badly with many. many fellow. citizens already confined by similar alerts. Do we have an angry. More boediono file. What can we make one whatever. Works and we swiftly learned of a possible new world record four. the u-turn as the government executed the kind of maneuver that leaves you choking on tire smoke. Clutching snapped off handbrake and wondering why. Your trousers are on backwoods. We did look briefly at the idea of taking part in the pilot scheme which allows people to test. Daddy brother gets far more important than everybody sticks to the same rules. And that's why. I'm going to be so violating until the twenty six july monday the twenty sixth of july. So we'd learned that. Boris johnson's freedom. Day will occur exactly one week after hours still time to move a bunch of stuff around to confuse him. When he gets out elsewhere we learned that the ongoing legal travails of pop warbler. Brittany spears may end up fomenting a separatist rebellion in france. And remember where you heard this. I if adam curtis ever toy some bowls aching twelve hour long documentary series to this premise. A british retailer seeking to ring revenue out of the fervid. Online legions waging social media campaigns. On spears behalf commissioned ten thousand t-shirts bearing a hashtag emblem and the slogan. Free britney exit. Yeah we're going to need some silly french accordion music. Something went to skew. Somewhere and the.

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