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The closest points. To Newfoundland the island is blonde blonde. I don't know. Let's see can't really tell how much of a crossing that. As it is. Okay. How far is it to this, blah, blah, blonde? Well, I'm looking at Massachusetts. I'm looking at the distance from Boston to Montreal. It's. Okay. Quebec. Quebec is a long drive Quebec. Is people say it's not it's eight hours, man. It's just eight hours seven hours anyway. So it's one. Two more Quebec's. You gotta go to Quebec City and continue that major distance like another sixteen site twenty four hours to drive. Maybe more because I bet you the the roads are all weird and small and curvy. But they must be nice. That's a good idea. And by my reckoning, the only road goes right along the coast. So you can go Quebec City. I I did that I went to Quebec City and then crossed over into Maine right at the top smy went. Maybe I don't know a hundred miles up, maybe maybe not that much, but you keep going and going and going. These French words port Cartier Bank. Komo. Rivera de loop. It's like another country up there. That is a good idea. Pack up the car and just go go go. I've always wondered what would happen if you just went. From Boston to Montreal and kept going and going and going just do north because you can get up. I think you can get to the Arctic circle just driving pretty close. You get to the northwestern passages. You get to places like none of Baffin bay. And you get very close to Greenland, and then you kind of close is lent. Okay. Check this out the distance. From. Boston to Quebec City. Boston to Quebec City..

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