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We'll daddy why over this. I would run run to all really so. Oh i thought you houses what i thought this is. What you've shown to jake doobie. Music doobie is what. I thought you meant. I see you in cubs. Yeah i thought you meant that you're watching the foo fighters but then you hear that song and you ran the see him jake. You'll be blake cobra. Tuber i you. You'll have one song so you show up. And it's like the last an and then it's icu. In govett-asia. thank you as i get to the. I've been so beverage jake. Download his fucking song. Let's promo jake. You guys go download. Jake dooby song. I see you in the coffee shop. Is that the name of the song. The song is called run into you. How weird. I said i would run run into you. Let me see that. A lot of palu enlisted. Go show it. I'm going to read it to a laundry at minute. Down at the qualls. I know who they are. Tyler and post malone foo fighters hunters still count see how dominant tori. He is who defeated fighters are still relevant. It's been thirty years to credible. Why enough your maybe thirty years. Now right wow so of albums or just like just classics. I mean classics. Gabriel might be the most talented musician of our generation. That i've been a lot since i was alive. Who's lasted longer. It's also funny. It's like he's the drummer dave. Grohl is take. Don't tell her. Dave grohl is in the band foo fighters. Show of dave grohl. But he's a multitalented musician. I want you to what band he was in first because he was in he was in the most popular von. Yeah how did you know. did you see it. You read it. You read it because i listened to nirvana and i saw me. Do you like from lithium. Lithium is a good song. Yeah how do you like. Smells like teen spirit. You do down and out. Dan announced sing it. Singer right now and.

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