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Supply house dot com fan highway patrol the Bronx is just getting slammed tonight cross runs from rose eleven you aim to the George Washington bridge a big travel night tonight busy travel night Brooklyn and queens expect to lays on the belt parkway from the Verrazano and especially around the airport L. ET Grand Central you're slow for the B. Q. we into the nass online fan wiki is a mass in the cross island is only slightly better more on the island southern state accident cleared from the seafood always by expressway but it's pretty much stop and go on all three roadways L. I eat northern state and the southern state and this report sponsored by air Italy think big with air Italy book by January ninth discover it only on sale discounts of up to twenty five percent Italy a match in the world differently I'm Judy dealt with the supply house dot com Dan highway patrol forty six looses review right here on the fed to get right up until six John sterling will come your way that and now let's head out to Jersey city it's Ron it's the fat what's going on around me don't go almost I'm doing all right were you all right model for anybody touched on this but I think the reason why a gentleman she defied also because of you look at that last year's draft pick he told them six Daniel Jones when they had Josh Allen sitting right there one a pass rusher who they desperately need and they could have got Jones either seventeen or thirty but there was nobody was going to pick him nobody and one on the way he was talking about that he said there was other teams that were looking at him and that's why they took him six and I don't believe that yeah well I I do know that the forty nine day Denver Broncos like them they trade out the number ten pick in the Washington Redskins there was a split within the organization the football people wanted them to take Daniel Jones and then they'll start or want to them to take Haskins come out of Ohio state so but the the football guys down in Washington did like Daniel Jones more than Wayne Askins and and they were so he don't think Josh our would have been a big as sick of now that we beat the Redskins last week we fall back either the second spot so now we're not even going to be when are you going to get change young if we had the chance to get you going to be gone I understand he's going to be gone and and and all I could if he declares for the NFL draft will be the number two overall pick and that's gonna staying I get it I understand it but in that game your quarterback threw for three hundred fifty two yards and five touchdowns I understand that I'm Jonah back isn't Jones more important then Josh Alan he is but if you look at the act is that they're being spent on I agree to the I don't disagree the but if you look at this past offseason there's a life was a did anyone ever think that's a Darius Smith at the time people like them in the former Baltimore raven but I did people think that he was gonna have the impact he's had this year for the Green Bay Packers now when he signed and look at what he's done for my tended that defense and they signed their Preston Smith from the Washington Redskins on the outside as well they brought into outside linebackers both guys were signed as free agents it was a Darius left Baltimore prestin laughed the Washington Redskins and more specifically because he's been more impactful but look what's it area Smith is done for the Green Bay Packers this year that defense yeah you're right but we could add island in the draft where we didn't have to spend that money on free agency because it's going to cost a lot to get a good pass rush right it is in the child's gonna money to spend Ron and and I I understand and you get caught up here's where you want to knock of your not come that he may be could have got a little bit more creative and got both players yeah you can active government for that but if you really believe that Joe olds live and you have an old quarterback in the ally manning and as an organization you made the determination you love watching at the senior bowl you love talking to cut cliff down to do give familiarity with Cutcliffe uses relationship with the bad eggs that he lied pate and if you really determined as a franchise that he is indeed the guy that he has to be the pick he asked me to pick because it's the most important position the National Football League you've got no other way to go you don't reach for the quarterback but if you made that determination that he's the guy that that's the pick that you make I'm not saying it's easy to find addresses it's not but how many times you see teams based on quarterbacks you see miss on a dressers too but historically speaking the translation or the transition from quarterback in college the National Football League is a difficult one for talent evaluators to pinpoint a nail down in terms of what translates and what doesn't is there been numerous basis dilated dean can mess it's got to be a star a decade already all pro pro bowler future hall of Famer and the guy comes in as verbally can't play so I look at what government did I don't have an issue with it now there's no doubt if your child fan so where's the defense I grew up as a judge I you know I did I grew up in a giant household my everyone my dad my sister's everybody's die fans is that I know I grew up I went against the grain without one I grew up on a ranger Nick Yankee fan and I will grow because of one player John Regan's number forty four I girlfriends get fat but I did go to a lot of charity games grown up at you know I Giants Stadium at the Meadowlands and when I thought about the giants I thought about the fence right you think about linebackers he'll call banks is the one the semi finals for the whole family they might call bank sorry Carson George Martin Lawrence Taylor care reasons that head on Bobbi Humphrey it in Denver against the Broncos hearing about that that defense of lodging birds Leonard Marshall in my defense about the giants win the Superbowl seven what do they may they about defense see when your Michael Strahan Justin tuck tuck easily could be the MVP of the game seven in two thousand but specifically seven because just as I discussed earlier in the show about Terrell Owens being the best player on the field I thought talking seven Glendale Arizona does best player on the field thought about defense I look at this giant team now was the defense where's the guys get after it they can be defense difference makers I remember watching di redskin games where they would triple team now you're you're not gonna find Lawrence Taylor on sale is the greatest offensive players what's overseen find that guy but I remember is gyrate skin games in here Madden on CBS with this summer all go down in the old RFK that dumb it was a great dumb but it was a dump nonetheless right stadium rock in chanted hello Redskins Gary Clark we could be catches the light bar remember them going over and how the you know they'd have hall of Famers along that often so what Joe Jacobi after triple team to give Jacoby some help all I guess Lawrence Taylor good great defensive players where those guys now that's where you got to go out there get hello in the NFL nowadays always talk about the office office often stroll the football give me a little bit of defense Clifton park we go it's Mike it's about what's going on my I had to go and pay no Mike but still yeah the quick Jains and Nick New York NYC point get on the line I think he's he's had enough and he should definitely stay the coaching staff has to go though and the next you know you know I think the key for their play here a leaflet players to get better is they need a point guard in the worst way I mean we see like little flashes of something from from the point and get all excited about it but we have not had a point guard in such a long time and they were really really neat that piece and plus mills has has has to go but anyway thanks mousse happy holidays yeah you got Mike happy holidays yeah I I don't disagree with you about the guard plays with excellent specifically the point guard play it's kind of it's got improve you look around the National Football around the NBA you need guys to be able run the point guard play raid supreme be able shoot the ball from the outside that's the big concern I have about RJ Barrett and ability to hit free throws and is also an inconsistency with his jump shot it wasn't consistent at Duke you showed it to be as original rookie year that's something that's got fob and get better over the course of his NBA career let's say that someone had it's Charlie what's going on Charlie how are you I don't Charlie are you know I'm driving so I'm hearing everybody talking about the giants then I just want to say a couple things number one yeah by manning is probably especially last year was probably number five or six on the things that the giants needed to address in order to improve that roster every quarterback and strengths and weaknesses but he was definitely good enough to carry a winning team into the playoffs if you look at the stats last year you see that Tom Brady and Eli manning had almost identically a statistically identical season they had the same completion percentage the same number of yards the same yards per attempt I'm sorry thing yards per completion all right the only difference was you I would fax forty seven times Brady was sacked twenty one and I think Brady had about eight four TD passes no one around gave for doing what exactly no I mean I know you understand I mean if you had given if you have switched quarterbacks is a good chance that we would have made the playoffs with the life and the giants would not have made the playoffs with Brady now the other point I want to make it about Gelman everybody's talking about Daniel Jones and sick one Barkley I think the giants really like Daniel Jones even before the Barclay draft I think they had their eye on him I think they liked his site is late they like to the accuracy is ability to go through one two three reads his ability to pass accurately not just on stage he was the total package I don't think there was sold on rose and I knew they were installed and Haskins okay I don't think they were sold on Baker Mayfield either and I think the proof is in the pudding and what we're seeing now and I think they got Barkley and they got Jones and they also yeah the pass on Josh Allen Josh shown is eleven sacks Marcus golden who get him inside has eleven faqs he's probably gonna finish with more and he's got forty more tackles been Josh out so I think people should really start to look instead of just reading the headlines in doing the hot takes on Twitter I think government should come back yes I think he deserves a chance to I think surely should come back absolutely not not sure where we're in agreement there yeah I said before I I I I again we will come back my UE I've even got into the the more the chime finished caught up with Josh Alan but I think it will come back and I think Pat Shurmur on Monday we'll find out that the giants looking in another direction as head coach.

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