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Williams downstairs western mutual morning first for a touchdown for the second quarter only three point six what top eleven in the country in a bunch of different statistics for a reason they're both very good so both offenses no wasted please role play out there you got to be very tactical with every single realizing your close down the conversions are a big deal today first since the for his four yards down by Isaacs Lee thirty five and so sixty he wanted John Taylor on a real world going down the left side lines but the safety good job reset the football define the card is a little bit of the show was very political don't feel this game is losing zero point six why is this this is this is three interesting place priority list if you think are you just see here the first ranges based on this it certainly you have to understand what it can to make sure that my field goal kicker feels comfortable Sir Paul your play twenty eight thirty eight thirty eight this is it's really like to see this movie feels this is the first it's what you're talking about nine Wisconsin thanks this is the right way because it's the only way you can force field and maybe get picked off or whatnot but if it's any completion you don't even have the kids of the feud with the.

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