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Joe, anything. Joe west related is like tickling. Sam you're on with Tim Kirch in go ahead. I know how you feel about shoes, but when you think shower, you actually like reached down, watch the theater. You dislike the so rundown and cared for a good question eight or you just let the soap go down there when you show kurkin. I usually wash my feet. It requires a great deal of bending down to do that. I'm not sitting down anywhere. I'm gonna bend down, wash my feet. I don't do it every time. I would said you opposed to. I want you all to drink that in. Thank you. Charlie, you're on ESPN radio with a Tim Kirk. Hey, Tom question for you. When you're reading a phone or credit card number to someone you like them to repeat it back to you number by number in chunks at the end or not at all. Very good question that is this excellent. I usually there's a rhythm to it. I if you're reading a credit card, I think you can go four at a time since it's three groupings of four I can handle that. But sometimes the phone number you give the, I threes light pause, you, gotta hyphen. Then you go, that you go. That's how I would do. The grouping is is what matters really thought this, that TIMMY at eight as Jacob, the ground been the best pitcher in baseball this year. Well, he's been. Yeah, I would say probably the best pitcher in baseball, though Chris salesman unbelievable, but he's got hurt a couple of times that healer as fell is is ridiculous. Nine pitchers since nineteen twenty have had any areas that low and and two hundred or more innings than the last the only had to do in the last twenty three years is that green tea. So I'm a big area guide Bill the best evaluate or on the pitches talent mo- Yemeni era that low. And so I gave with so few runs and somebody eating and all the strikeouts. I think he the Cy Young winner is nationally at the moment, could easily change in the last month with sherzer and Nola in the nationally. Texter writes in, do these callers realize that his name is actually Tim and not, Tom, don't get a show Paul, you're on ESPN radio. Oh, with Tom Kirk, go ahead, Paul, hey, Dan Levy show. But yeah, Tim, a what is the rarest playing baseball? Is it a unassisted triple play? And how many has it been. I'm not sure how many that been. It's I think it's six or seven. Mickey Moore and d Ron Hansen, Randy Velarde eighty Billy one gas, but that was I. That's four off the top of my hair. The other two coaching your no ex- somewhere. The other challenge charts audience coming fraud, you fraud. We have you on an expert every damn leak, and you can only come up with four of the names for the unassisted, triple play BUSTER would know foster would know BUSTER. I bet you. I bet you BUSTER only would know that Tom. I all right. I'm not sure the other one. Same. Remorse, shame. Thing is you realize we are marveling at the fact that you know even before right. No. Do you realize I realize that he's not how long I don't realize anything. I'm sorry. I hurt your feelings for the first time really. Like I feel like he thinks is an actual hole in his knowledge game. We're all staring him. How do you know the four name for six names? Who was that second name? You said. Well, I making more Didi Ron Anson's Randy Bilardo and Billy woms guys. Who did it like a million years ago? Yes, knowing you only ones. I know. All right. And Andy, you're on also by the way you could just check the internet caller. You could just check the internet on unassisted, triple plays, Amy, you're on with Tim coaching. Go ahead. Hey, bell, Kara freelance. Having such a great season. So the Rockies lies, no one talking about him nationally. I'm sorry, was that Kyle Freeland? She said, yes, yes, he, he's having a great year. He's a great pitcher, but there are three pitchers in the National League who are better than him at the moment. Nola Shire's are and Graham, and that's why we're not getting more love for.

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