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Bedford central school district and Christopher Manno. And he doesn't like that there's one openly conservative teacher at that school. So he's trying to get that guy fired that guy Christopher Manno. I just found this out the superintendent who's persecuting my former teacher when he was a superintendent in New Jersey, he applauded when students were made by their teachers to sing hymns to how great Barack Obama's. He defended that he said, oh, it's great to do that. At what a wonderful educational opportunity. Meanwhile, you've one conservative teacher in high school. He goes after them because education requires including certain things and not other things it requires analyzing certain historical periods and not others that requires reading certain works of literature and not others. And if you're going to include all of these wonderful things world history world, literature, this that and the other shouldn't you include the most important book ever written that just seems like common sense. Hillsdale president Larry Orrin right now. He just came out and made a statement that shouldn't be controversial. But it is which is the college is not for everyone. College is not for everyone for a lot of people. It's a huge waste of money for some people. It's a great thing to do. I love liberal education. I fully intend to send my kids to get a liberal education. That means to major in something that has no applicable to anything in the real world to study literature or history, or whatever that's what a liberal education is liberal education allows you to make sense of your freedom to use your free time to think about grand and eternal questions. And then after that, you get some training to go work a real job in the real world. Now, some people could go take stem classes, they could they could focus on not just the liberal arts mathematics or something, but engineering something really applicable. Okay. That's good. Some people should go to trade school. And learn a trade, maybe they don't need to read..

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