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And they said, you know, you'd be a great state Senator kinda wish people who have these gigantic skeletons in their closets, which just sort of say, you know, I I'm fine being a pediatric neurologist. I'll just do. I'll just I'm I'm a good citizen here. I'm doing good things here, I'm fine. And would just spare us all this this ridiculous spares all these ridiculous scandals by just saying no don't run for public office goat move onto somebody who doesn't have stuff like this lurking their pass. So now, I'm on the I'm on the side of the fence. It says I don't care if his nineteen Eighty-four. I don't care if it's nineteen eighty it was pretty. Bad then. Clearly, it would have been better if he had fessed up to the at some point and explained why he did it and why why was wrong to do it how he's learned. But Charlie I think you, and I have a more forgiving attitude on this. I just have more. Willing to believe it was more thoughtless rather than malicious certainly in the absence of any other evidence at anytime, even at that time of racial animus on his part, it it's perfectly possible that this was entirely misbegotten joke, our friend, Robert George, the new York Daily News had a Twitter threat over the weekend. That just finally got a lot of attention about his experience in college where there's going to be a fundraiser that was going to be a mock slave auction. And he he went to the organizers guys this is not in good taste is really a bad idea. And they went through with began to go through with it anyway and eventually pulled back, but his point is just that what people think is funny at a given time. May not read very, well, you know, twenty or thirty years ago, even if those people weren't at all motivated by racial hatred. I think it's almost certain that. This was a joke. Gone awry, it's not funny. But there is a difference between being tone deaf or not funny and being racist. But even if he did hob some animosity to what African Americans at some point in his life. The salient question has to be is he a racist? Now is he a bad person now? And there's no evidence to suggest that he is people have been saying since this broke that he's a white supremacist that he is a racist. He's not. He definitely made a bad joke at some point in his paws. And that may have been the product of an upbringing. I don't know that didn't. Didn't make clear that sort of behaviour was unacceptable, but the time element is crucial here the. The only points at which would be unacceptable routh north to continue. As governor Virginia is Ralph Novum had either done this while office, which would be disqualified, all if it would clear that Ralph Northam held many of his constituents many of the people who voted for him in contempt..

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