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Charles. Michigan. So so like families stalled across all, so, you know, feel friends and family for them for them. And and yeah. I say. Possibly gig inspire people, you know, don't necessarily know. Like the spending time in this day. Maybe. So it's such a possibility. You know, I mean for me growing up, and I grew up in north Manchester. And when I am on the in life. I'm now is because I had of feature within our tiny town and she your head and usable. You know after school them at high school, and then we also like to prevent with all. And you know. Mentor in me and concentrated junior year the possibility for college, which I had never thought. Engineer from math and she yesterday. I. Kinda opened my eyes to new future, you know, and one day, obviously was really interested in and say if if if from can be contributing that teams. Giving that awareness impossibility to people in these smaller towns these kids, you know, might not have the inspiration to see from like this. That's really cool once again, the national touring production of jersey boys presents a one time only performance seven pm Thursday may sixteen at the middle center Lake Michigan college eleven hundred your haven't been harbor tickets ranged from forty seven ninety five dollars or very close to selling out to buy those last few seats. Visit V Mendel center dot com. Call the mental center box office at nine to seventy seven hundred option one we're stopped by weekday between ten and six. The artists. Caroline, Pampaloni alone. A robbers his installations of multiple screenings of newly developed dance performances in body movements is on display in the Chrysler art center's art lab presents a live dance performance at both to into thirty PM Saturday at the crash L seventy seven lake Boulevard Saint Joseph now Carolina's. She's a member of the wellspring. Corey Terry in dancers who has performed for. Oh, just a little band called coal play never Omni world Caribbean. Celebrity cruises poet, the act goes the union project dance company box Lumieres, phantom of the opera and Nickerson Rossi dance company. Among others. This is free and open to the public also joined the crabs from five to seven pm next Wednesday may twenty second as they unveil the twenty nineteen Kreso art fair on the bluff poster design enjoy. Bites complimentary beverages at this annual event in tandem with the poster reveal Michigan's great southwest sustainable. Business form will host green drinks a quarterly networking event. For professionals interested in sustainability recycling in green business. There will be brief remarks from the sustainable business form and Chrysler center at about five thirty Botha free and open to the public for more information on these are all Chrysler centre events or KC events. Those of us that are in the no, that's right. Call ninety three zero two seven one or visit Craigslist dot org. Now, Paul I know that you've been making some casting announcements recently for the go sleds inaugural season. Do you do you want to? Let us know who on the first Nick announced will we'll do the first show. We'll about the summer when things we've got most of the shows mostly cast, but the first show were already under hersal for the rob around musical the opens are season June thirteenth, the numbers of Madison County and first off I want to announce that we have six paid barely paid interns. That are coming to us this summer in with an LLC partnership. I think I can announce that now they'll be staying in the dorms Lake Michigan college and leading back and forth to the ghost light and those interns. We have one local kid who's a local boy done. Good, my stage manager interns as management production design honchos Vig from saga talk. He's finished first year LLC, he's one of the six and the other five four of them are singer performers girl named Fafa Schaffer from Issaquah Washington state, who's at rider university Westminster choir college in New Jersey, Carina cancer, who's actually from elmhurst, Illinois. But she goes to NYU Tisch. Zachary Myers, tenor from Arkadelphia, Arkansas and base Bertone from Rockwell Rockwall, Texas and Mike Brooks, and then in addition to those four performers soprano tenor and bass baritone, we have another production design scenic design props design, custom design intern for Melbourne Florida named prince raise so six interns are going to be on-site every day all day indentured servants and all that work in the theater and being in the shows out of the shows working backstage. It's a small sampling of what a bigger young artists summer stock program. Could look like yeah. But it's a start, and they're they're here. All summer all summer. It's awesome for them arrived tomorrow or whatever today is that. You're listening to this day more right next week. And couldn't be happier to have them fill out her shows. So now you hear some of the same names in our first cast of bridges of Madison County that runs June thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen and second weekend of June twenty twenty one twenty two twenty three. All tickets are available immediately right now. Go at goes like go slight be h for Benton harbor dot com. Ghost light be h dot com. Get your tickets today. Tickets limited on the eighty five seats per show, eight o'clock Monday sorry, Thursday, Friday and

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