Senator Chris Murphy, Bonetti, President Trump discussed on Herman Cain


To see that some parents in some areas but actually taken matters into their own hands his voice goose satiric security listen to what senator chris murphy said democrat in bonetti talk about what he says it looks like president trump shift in mood when it comes to gun control have a feeling he's gonna continue to bob in we've just not bob in in we've it is called listing down multiple signs of this whole thing he's listening so the democrat wants to correct characterize rather than as bonded and weaving his listing to all sides of senator chris murphy says if the president and republicans don't take action oh is therefore then democrats control the white house and control congress with a majority in the house in senate for the first two years of obama administration and now it is the republicans fault in the president's he said they will pay the price in the upcoming midterms if he and republicans don't start showing some movement in the wake of parkland there are going to be as many republicans around for him come 2019 and for his entire agenda and perhaps for his political salvation that's not good news for him so is the republicans fault columbine happened in 1909 in what did the democrats do nothing and now is up the president trump and the republicans to do something substantive that's what they do folks another area of uncertainty distractions don't get caught up in the distractions folks and there are plenty of a map they're listen to have the sunday morning news shows character rats what's going on at the white house this sat leg crisis chaos and confusion at the white house and the trump white house minds up another week filled with turmoil chaos and confusion on controversial.

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