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Special agents were identified there then you've got of course Democrats you have represented gets here as calling ice agents to stop all our is he responsible then for what happened in San Antonio or there isn't you know liberal resistance dot net and it says I use the American Gestapo or Castiel Cortez Alexandria because you're Cortez the congresswoman from queens New York doubling down on dumb and stupid and comparing the detention centers to concentration camps will somebody please take this woman over to Auschwitz and somebody there we have plenty of video to show her what a real concentration camp looks like and then we can go take her to the one the great Jenkins went to with the soccer field the rec facilities the phones all the computers and let's see what else did they have the other recreational facilities they had medical care they had beds and blankets stand pillows that's not what I was which was not a concentration camp pretty unbelievable you know democratic Congress woman called bicycle stop all of America this vet Clark Congress woman was she responsible what's happening what about all these people like mayor Pete he helped prepare immigrants when ice raise were coming what about these the aiding and abetting in sanctuary cities and states you know Donald Trump modern day to stop all set almost every day by people on NBC ABC CBS they don't care about the truth they'll never tell the truth and that's why so many people hate them but the question will be as it is every election are you better off than you were four years ago Donald Trump lost many of his supporters I don't think so and what about the people best employment situation for since nineteen sixty nine the millions and millions now offer food stamps out of poverty out of work now working all they consider voting for Donald Trump because they have a better situation I think the answer is yes good luck to a crazy uncle Joan company alright we got all this news on the deep state we're gonna have big news tomorrow but this is only the tip of the iceberg I want to get your hopes up too high listen I believe in responsible.

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