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Beautiful little mouth because Thursday. Everybody I gotTa Tell You I. I am super excited for you all to hear this chat that I have today with Stephen Young. He's the founder of home sweet home which is an organization in Nashville that serves the homeless. And what is a special about Stephen is. He was homeless himself for five years and he does all four things with me. He came over to my house the day after Thanksgiving and we talked hawked and this is a long one but I encourage you to listen to all four things even if you have to break it up or listen to it on the faster speed so that you can get through it if you don't have the time or maybe take a couple of days to listen to it. I mean it's not like super long. Mary and I did a gift guide. That was about this long. which by the way that gift guide is still up? If you'll have not listen to it. That was last Thursday's episode and you can go to radio DOT COM to access links to any everything we talked about whether it was a gift that gives back or just a bunch of our favorite products which a lot of them can be found on Amazon. And we provided you all those links so anyway back to this episode. It's long but we talk his life life before he became homeless. What it was like living on the streets for five years how he overcame at how he is now? A new husband got married. Last last year has a roof over. His head is running this great organization serving others and then we ought to get into the top five reasons that people are homeless. I think a lot of times. We have a stereo. Are you type of well. This is probably why that person's homeless and we just roll with that when really it's just not the case and I gotTa Tell You Sitting Down with him I just again was reminded how blessed I am to have the parents that I had growing up. Even the current support group that I have in my life and family because a lot of times it boils down to that. When we hit hard times we hit lows if we have a support group to fall on? Then you're not. We're not as affected even though it it. It can be a big low but some people have nobody to turn to a a lot of times. They end up on the streets so I found it to be interesting when he went over the five reasons why people are homeless then also how we. He can be responding to people on the streets because I kind of confessed to how I handle it. Sometimes and he just shares little things that mean the world to people that are standing on the corner when you're driving by so it's a really inspiring. Listen I hope you are encouraged by it and that maybe you'll think about how you can serve others in your community year round not not just this time of year the season of serving and giving but year round so hope you enjoy it and before we get into our little chat. I guess I'll just go and say since since it's such a long interview I'm not GonNa do a little shoutout at the end. Normally do an email shoutout. But I'm just going to let this interview role and we'll pick up with the most shutouts next week but Just no I guess. Today's Thursday so that cut off for our four things customized coats for things totes. That are customizable. If you WANNA get one specifically for like a a girl in your life your sister your mom your best friend and you're still trying to figure her favorite four things. We made these little cheat sheets. You know they give you examples of things that may even trigger bigger. you see hot yoga written on the cheat that we made be like. Oh well my mom doesn't love hot yoga but she loves kickboxing so you might put that on there or something cuter she loves taking long walks. You See Margherita on there. You might be like Oh. She doesn't like Margarita but she loves red wine. So you put our Sangria or something like that. 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