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Catch In the women's shop top CBS take us into the quarters with a three set win 11 seated American Jessica pegula moves down in trade sets Meanwhile American Madison keys is ousted in three sets by Veronica cude tova who moves on this by losing the first set 6 one while Daria Hina advances in trade sets Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski says he has done at the Bundesliga champions and can not imagine playing for them again The Poland international has one year Romania's current contract and has not been happy with negotiations on in extension The 33 year old has expressed his desire to play in Barcelona next with Camden Byron already holding negotiations The Carolina hurricanes are hosting the New York rangers in game 7 of the NHL Eastern Conference semifinal matchup with no team losing a home game through the first 6 games The winner will move on to face the two time defending Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay lightning Finally some sad news coming out of the NFL as Arizona Cardinals cornerback jet gladly was killed in a car accident earlier this morning I'm Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports op game Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business app And at Bloomberg quick tape This is a Bloomberg business lash All right we're looking at a positive start to the trading day in Asia part of that of course down to some support coming through from futures U.S. futures moving to the upside right now But those investor concerns do remain in this caution about whether central banks especially the Federal Reserve and can raise interest rates in order to reign inflation without hitting growth So we've got futures inching a little bit low last time we checked on a Japan Australia and Hong Kong but certainly at the moment with the U.S. features on the way up we may well see some positivity Of course markets closed Monday for the Memorial Day holiday Elsa looking at what the key data points are for the day We got to in China and purchasing managers indices for may likely to show service and manufacturing accurate activity did continue to shrink and of course all of that can be laid at the doorstep of these COVID lockdowns Now there has been some progress of course as we've been reporting and containing the virus and some of these car manufacturing plants are opening up in Shanghai Looking at the bond markets European bonds that took a hit we had some really rather heavy which I say hot inflation numbers from Germany inflation they're coming in at 8.1% and that's all really adding to pressures on these Central Bank policy makers to do more in order to obtain these so called these rising prices Elsewhere dollar slipping for a third day now and that the dollar index will make dollar index down by about one third of 1% As it is the 31st of May and we are looking to months end and if we look at that global stocks essentially on track to end the month with modest gains about skepticism on whether the market is at a bottom And that's a look at markets we do check them every 15 minutes All right let's get to Ed Baxter having a look at world news All right thank you rich Australia's prime minister Anthony albanese Labor Party has clinched a parliamentary majority It means that he will have an easier time making changes on climate change.

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