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Live traveling former assizes jio on the fan and simulcasts across the country cbs sports that work could wednesday morning we are live from the mohegan sun golf course for these state farms showdown it's hosted by aaron rodgers and chris paul and a budget nba nfl guys are here i don't see any of them this morning but they are all here ready for a showdown i guess because that's what it is we got the yankees rolling again severino fantastic very interesting day for the mets on many levels boomer good morning our you i'm doing pretty good gio and now good morning to you and everybody else out there it's kind of a sad day because we talked about this yesterday and talking about sandy alderson and talking about exactly what he is done with the mets over the last few years and then sandy reveals yesterday the cancer has returned and he's going to have to go get surgery and that it's unlikely that he'll be back in his current capacity as match dharmendra very realistic and very honest point of view i mean there's two things here there's the human side of this whole thing where sandy alderson has been nothing but professional since he's taken over the mets he's accomplished a lot in in major league baseball we're talking yesterday about the fact that he was put in place by major league baseball kind of be the stewardship of the mets franchise and get them back on track and i also said yesterday morning without even realizing what was happening yesterday afternoon no that sandy alderson had overcome cancer that in the middle of all of this what he has been doing with the mets that he had been dealing with that as well so we tend to forget about that because as sports fans were passionate we don't really care about anything else but our team winning and one our team is mired in a losing streak the way the mets have been in the way that they have been playing you know everybody wants blood and yesterday comes the very sad news that his cancer has returned so he's going to have to deal with that and then the the reality part of the news is that he most likely will not be back as gm of the new york mets now that leaves the next question the next set the question about what okay now is going to happen with the madsen who is going to be the leader of the mets don't we know who the readers will be in the short term will be the guys that are in place already guys that have been around the business guys have been around the mets they know the team they know the the miners and everything else and they're going to be the ones that are going to have to be making decisions here moving forward which is kind of dangerous when you think about it yeah and if you think about sandy alderson in the moves he's made and we've gone through his entire resume and why he should be here why shouldn't be here forget about that for a minute because this is just a 'nother thing that this organization has to deal with because there's a lot of players they're they're really like sandy alderson have a relationship with him and are going to miss him being around the team as much as he is and that was just that was laid on them yesterday you saw some of the quotes you heard the guys talk they go out they have an emotional walk off win later on in the day which was a nice little touch to that news but i mean this season it's just unbelievable all the negative things that have piled up and you just hope the best four sandy alderson but you're right now now they have to deal with this midseason transition that they never expected either how many times we talk about do you want sandy alderson to be the guy at the trade deadline to make these deals that could shape the future of the team and now certainly it's not going to be him i'm sure he had some sort of input and then it's just going to be.

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