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Hope you are doing well, and the NFL changing enough starts on Thursday, Kansas City and Houston. The opening game, So I'm joined now by John McClane, NATIONAL NFL Writer for the Houston Chronicle, John First of all, I mean, obviously, these are strange times for all of us beyond the sports world. But can you ever recall the NFL season popping up like this? It's just like, Hey, I'm here. No, Robin. Actually, in my 44 years of govern the NFL is his unprecedented. I've seen a lot of wow. Tumultuous starts two seasons, mainly because the threat of player strikes in 82 87, but there's never been anything like the pandemic. It's been amazing the way the NFL's dealt with it and had so few test compared to the number of players and people around the team since they've been involved, But So if you guys have had the Corona virus Bacon, bacon blade on each other's sweat on each other's spit on each other, Just like they always do. Guys don't have the virus. They're not gonna be contagious. You know, Look it being obviously Ah, been rooting for sports to go on for a number of reasons and hope. The same is true for the NFL, because if it doesn't it means bad things. But you're right. Things have been going pretty much for them that they've been More fortunate than any league from a timing standpoint to because it happened right after the Super Bowl, and most of the news has been of a typical variety. I mean, it's not typical that Tom Brady switches teams, but that's a transaction right. A guy leaving and Cam Newton going the Patriots in the draft. In a lot of focus on the field. Patrick Mahomes. His contract on now does Sean Watson's contract. What's the mood in the vibe around the Texans after he signed that big deal? We knew for weeks they wanted to get it done before the start regular season we kept saying be around 40 million because we knew he would be second. I've paid to Patrick Mahomes as he should have been since the home's been MPT a Super Bowl ring symbol in the pay Watson getting 39 Megan here. And so everybody's happy about it. They they show they'll take care of their core players like Laramie Tonsils at Cunningham, Whitney Mercilus and watching All of them have signed new contracts extensions, and they're more likely to spend it on there. Guys and other teams, guys. I think that's a pretty good philosophy because when you spend a lot of money on a player comes in from another team that can create a bad working environment. No, obviously, they're probably still hurting a little bit from the way they are eliminated from the playoffs last year. What needs to change that is as good as the show. Watson is, he sort of was, you know that next level last year toe Patrick Holmes and Lamar Jackson. Maybe everybody was the next level. To to Patrick Mahomes. But when you go up 20 for nothing in a playoff game, and you wind up losing 51 31 that that, you know, consent, have aftershocks. And we saw obviously what happened with Hopkins and and so on, and so forth, you know is that still something that sticks with the Texans and how do you see their approach being different when they play Kansas City again on Thursday? Well approach it like they did in regular season last year when they wanted Arrowhead 31 24. Watson had three touchdowns. Homes had three. But they ran the ball for 190 yards, and they control it for almost 40 minutes of the best ways. Kate Mom's on the bench and they did not do that. The playoffs. They joked that 20 for a laid it was a disaster from the top of the organization to the bottom. Most people will say No. We put that rear view mirror. We're not thinking about it. Every person J. J. What? Shawn Watson. Bill O'Brien. They don't dwell on it, but they know they know they were humiliated. They get to be out, scored 51 7 after they were lady when the wheels came off. So they're decisive underdogs. Nine a half that I've seen today, and most people expect him to be blown out because their defense was bad last year after being good to hear before. But Detective Watson has been 11 5 and 10 and five starting quarterback the last two years had a great playoff game against Buffalo and but everybody was bad against cheese, and they got pride. They should have a big chip on her shoulder and his anti raid said yesterday When I asked him about the sea of red and only 17,000 fans, he goes well will be a low tide. Robin Ledbury talking to John McClane, National NFL writer for the Houston Chronicle here on CBS Sports Radio, You know, and it's easy to say the Texans need to revamp everything after a loss like that, But it's also you know, ah, commentary on the chief's. That's when I knew They were gonna win the Super Bowl after that game because I've never seen anything like a reverse blowout sort of, and that's part of the thing with Kansas City. I mean, Patrick Holmes, I don't believe has ever lost a game by more than a touchdown. D You think we're looking at a season? This doesn't usually happen in the NFL. But where it's the Chiefs and and it's everyone else. Well, I big guy would not pick to change just because nobody repeats. Nobody's repainted since early Two thousands when the Patriots did it after the one I know to season them big 40 Niners. For whatever reason. The team that loses Super Bowl doesn't go back. I went with the Ravens and the Saints. With the Saints to win, and so I expect can be great again, but just the odds are against them Teams. Teams have seen them. They know how great Holmes's. I would think if I was ever team the legs didn't tryingto outscore them? I would try to use that formula to run the ball. Don't turn it over your end of the field, try to keep the homes where he belongs. Which would be on the bench watching being the most Expensive chair later in history. Who was your Super Bowl pick?.

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