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In some cases for Mayweather McGregor may pack out or something like that for hundred dollars. You're getting a whole year worth of stream fights, and they do a lot of fights on there. So, I think people they're trying to push people to look at it that way. If you pay one hundred dollars it comes down to eight dollars and thirty three cents per month. So they're actually lowering the price if you get it at one time, that's their spin on it. But it's actually true. I still think it's a pretty good value for the type of fights that you're getting because you're not being asked to, to buy paper who fights anymore, which are much more expensive than eight dollars thirty six cents to do. They have an archive that, you know, okay. I, I know I got to fight the watch on Saturday. But I wanna watch some fights during the week. Can you access to older fights? Well, they're fights streamed on his own. Yeah. They're all available on influences other content on there. They have all their interviews and their prefight shows and the prefight interviews. And the way ins and all that kind of stuff. So if you're a Hongkou boxing fan, Tony it's, it's worth one hundred dollars for, for the year but they really need to start getting some return on their subscriptions because for the kind of money that they've invested in boxing, they need subscriptions. And that's why I think the really push for the third kennel triple fight, because they need that fight to generate a lot of subscriptions to make this sustainable in the long term, last week as he loses to Andy release is, is ready to story wasted. He may owe it might fate in the garden again instead of England. Which is which surprised me, which I thought, you know, look to champion should have some right to will if I but is that is that viable thing to be back at the garden for Josh for release to his promoter. Eddie Hearn did say that. But if I had to bet my own money on, it's only I would say that, that fight will be in England because you wanna give Joshua every advantage possible. I don't see why you would come back to the place where it all fell apart, now, the first time he thought the US the first time you thought at the garden, your career, you know, injure, you left with your career in shambles. I don't know why you would visit that place as opposed to revisiting Wembley stadium or principality stadium in Cardiff. Or you've had these great magnificent nights in your career when he drove eighty thousand people ninety thousand people all the fans here were still Joshua fans last week, but I just think it's something that he needs to avoid for the rematch. He's already going to have a lot of psychological. Disadvantage is going into the rematch, and I don't think he needs to add that another layer to you. Want to call him week, seem conflicted or because I, I'm still trying to get over guy who lost a big fight and just hanging around like you just, you know, waiting to pick up the bar tab, and go home. Unusual way to go about the most devastating loss of your career, what he almost has promoter said this, and I think I might have said this on the show last week. Tony promoter said that he may be felt relief because there was so much mounting pressure on him in the UK because he's really like a boxing star. Like they've never seen their, you know, their biggest soccer star he's on Thomas with that. Like you can't go anywhere. You can't walk people pop lachey following all over the place in his life. Is he has no privacy whatsoever? And I think, you know the pressure was mounting for to take this Josh we'll fight. So I just think there was there was so many things that he had to deal with. He may feel a sense of relief. I don't know if that's going to make a difference in terms of him coming back hungrier, but his titles were taken from them. You know, he's obviously with less now than he was then before he fought last Saturday night. So we'll see how it impacts on. But, but I just think he's relief, although I will say, Tony, I agree with you that he handled it almost almost too well. Happy to give away his titles. Like we're being respectful is one thing being seemingly pleased about it as another. All you would think he won the way he was just hanging out. In some way. It's admirable Tony in the sense that, you know, he, he tried to allow Andy release junior to soak up the moments and let them focus on what he accomplished, as opposed to what Joshua could not do that. Right. And a lot of fighters and a lot of professional athletes that compete at the highest level wouldn't do that. So there's something positive to be said about that. I think, but it is on usual. Oh man. Release if he to, to me, then nothing seems a care him the him, I wouldn't. I was supposed to win day. I thought I would win. And I'm the champ in, when we finally getting just see some, some low key is having a good time, but another team the bother him think about this. Tony, this guy fought six weeks before he fought Anthony. Joshua fall for a few hundred thousand dollars didn't know when he was going to fight again, who he was going to fight again. Really pressed. Eddie hurnica- giving him this opportunity made over three million dollars last last Saturday night. His rematch clause for the for the reap. The clause for his rematch with guarantee him, at least ten million dollars. He's a guy with five kids. You know, didn't make an enormous amount of money in boxing, okay? He did okay for, for the title once before that, but not made an enormous amount of money. And now here he is. That's thirteen million dollars is making two fights. And I think he's a very low key. I don't think he spends money crazily or anything like that. So I think, you know, he realizes how much this changes life for the better. He's just trying to soak up every moment of it now, the fight coming down the road is, is Tyson fury fighting Thomas sports. I guess this is name with a league where they dig this guy from. Germany. Twenty four. No sixteen knockouts. Tony is anyone nearly as good as Tyson fury. Now, the, the obvious story is, well, hey, no one thought and you're gonna be Anthony Joshua Tom Schwartz flies here from Germany, those to Las Vegas. Tyson fury takes a little lightly and he gets clicked and gets knocked out and, and suddenly, we have a little Tyson fury doesn't technically have any titles. They grind millennial champion. Those running an anyone should buy into that or not. But no, the bottom line is he's never lost. So he beats want a guy who's considered one of the two top heavyweights in boxing right now. You know, Tom Schwartz becomes an instance and sation to. He just hasn't fought anyone, he's a big is about six five knows pretty pretty strong. I think devastating puncher, but a strong enough puncher. So there's some intrigue. Tony as we will know just any fight involving Tyson fury is going to be intriguing because he's gonna say, all kinds of crazy things before the fight has all kinds of crazy things after the fight, and he's a pretty entertaining guy. Know he's a six nine two hundred sixty pound guy who really has a lot of athleticism in boxes in a way that someone that big should not be able to do. You're right. And last question is while they're taking chances by fighting Ortiz rematch as opposed to go straight to a fury if he could absolutely. Tony. The wilder got hurt in the seventh round by tease saw as an older guy, his age is listed as forty. He might be as much as eighty five east. He did not look particularly goodness last fight against Christian hammer. But he's a dangerous guy. He can punch. He's a southpaw and he you know, if he had maybe fifteen or twenty seconds in the seventh round at his first fight with the wilder. Maybe he gets wilder out of there. We never would have even been talking about louder Joshua for as long as we were. Right. So I think it's a dangerous fight, but I think wilder will win. I think a lot of confidence from from knocking down on teeth three times and knocking them out, but it's dangerous anytime you know, guys you can punch right? They Keith man is always always been a pleasure having you on. We'll have you on before we get out of here again. But Greg great information. Thanks so much for your time. My pleasure, Tony. Thanks a lot. No right to guy with boxing scene dot com on on triple jeez. Fourth-round K over one Steve roles now at twelve twenty AM time for twenty twenty remarkable eighty. Stephen continues to come for the Mets. Ten ks over six innings three runs just to earn his fifth win. Is the Mets the Rockies five three it's a huge change in. He deserves it. You know, you, you even see him out there. With more confidence. He's throwing a lot harder even because he he's just he's confident in himself, and he knows he can throw a strike when he needs to throw a strike, and he knows. He can execute a pitch when he needs to Mickey Callaway, Edwin his fourteenth save. I'll Ricky Pete Alonzo continues to rake twenty-first Homer, the season. Although, at first, the Lonzo didn't actually know went out. The bulls carried out there. And then, then I saw him I didn't know above above all sides, just kept around, and, and then I finally got the call empire home runs. Sick mattress.

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