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You crowd surfing me, man warming like forever? Retired lifted me goodwill can really make your donations to goodwill, create jobs training programs and education assistance for people in your community. Find your nearest donation center. Goodwill dot ORG, donate stuff. Create jobs. A message from goodwill and the Ad Council. My grandson always tells me, I worry about him too. When he came home from Afghanistan came back. It wasn't a wheel. You could see it was post traumatic stress disorder. Felt like he didn't. I heard about wounded warrior project. I don't know what they tease smiling. Warriors returning from the battlefields. Battlefield traumatic stress disorder at grass helps wounded warrior project dot org. Talk radio countdown on. Off pado. How do you do for man to the DJ Vive program? Jennifer horn is here retrea Keelan Kerr show. I'm Doug Stephan. Happy to be along not just.

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