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Are urged has the bigger lead in Iowa than trump thus discuss. Well. I think it is very hard to find a farmer. You know someone in rural America alight in rural America that voted for president trump last time and overwhelmingly they did and doesn't support him this time but they do exist and You know we're talking about Maine I've spent a lot of time this summer in Maine and it's Kinda lobstermen it out. There industry's been devastated but by God, they're holding with most are holding with him, but it doesn't take many of them to to defect just a small bit. With. The increasing centralization growing suburbs around moines. For example, it doesn't take that many to make a difference. And I think that you know that maybe Ernst might be able to have a little bit more separation. From president trump than some others, but you know in Maine though it. There is a feeling people. You had a lot of people, Democrats and independents who were very proud about supporting Susan Collins. All these years it was their sign that they're not just some partisan tool or something there sign of bipartisanship of independence, but after Cavanaugh. Tax Cuts in impeachment or they feel angry bitter betrayed the I would say there are more goodbye Susan bumper stickers in Maine than any other political bumper sticker about that. That is that is fascinating. Larry I wanNA close conversation with this you are you are you were in Virginia you've been you've been in Virginia was a red state. You saw it become a purple state. You would argue for years that it's a much swing state it just isn't swing presidential and Lo and behold it became a swing and presidential for like a day and then it moved moved out. What's been interesting is how many states have followed the the Virginia model which is. The suburbs all of a sudden go away from the Republicans and the state dramatically changes and there's this. We saw it in Colorado who saw we're seeing it near Zona and I lied I'm leading you this way to say. Of Georgia and Texas, which one is is next to sort of experience which you saw happen nationally to the Virginia vote. Georgia I I'm a little skeptical of Texas always have been probably always will be your confusing neon colors because I'm colorblind but generally speaking I'm kidding generally speaking. The trump presidency we don't often focus on this. The trump presidency unlike most presidencies is going to have a long term, hang over effect for Republicans in suburbs and a lot of other places, maybe not rural areas but suburbs and in central cities, and that is going to be a major problem going forward for the Republicans but it gives Democrats opportunities to finally convert to to get that last stage of conversion that they need in Georgia and Texas. And some other states that are on the edge North Carolina's still on the edge. I have some of its argued to me that they would believe has a better shot at Georgia and Florida, and they're saying they're you know more likely states go the same way. But it was an interesting an interesting. That someone was offer or take it. But it goes to first of all goes to the Latino problem that facing. South Florida. But also the increased this how NASA the suburbs ours like Morocco I you see a shift like that and you can chain campus. Chuck Has Floridian how has this Puerto Rican? Migration to the Orlando. Area. Was that overstated. How overstated I think what people forget the I four corridor is not swing anymore. But what happened is Republicans especially trump trump. Trump vote. One of the weird things about sixteen. We didn't Florida turnout was up while the while turn out in the Midwestern states were down. Trump. Just made voters I. Mean I joke if the if the county didn't touch salt water. It voted for trump and way theme. You know what? The Orange County success exceptions on the IPHONE quarter? No. The I four corridor is not as swing. Is it used to be? I mean you realize Hillary Clinton carried all all the counties we used to say you had to carry to win floor shared all. In the apple quarter. But the that that's not the way anymore, and in fact, you know what is interesting is trump ran up ran the score places like Pasco County. which is sort of like you know it's sort of stuck in the middle of central Florida will but it is. That's where they ran up the score and that's where he is. You know the other thing is. Trump in the same way that Biden has campaigned basically in one state for nine months, Pennsylvania trump has campaigned in one state for four years. For So I do both of those things matter here thanks for turning the tables. This was a lot of fun. This is what I would strongly. Very, Avenue Charlie Cook we get to do this again, one more than for the election voice sounds good to. Charlie. I also had a special third guest here a bird that was literally tweeting as we none of us are big tweezers anymore but I literally word tweeting I'm recording.

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