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With temperatures hitting up quickly eighty seven degrees in Miami lakes eighty nine A. in the sun rises twelve thirty one Florida continues to see a surge in the number of coronavirus cases Florida department of health reports statewide cases now total two thousand seven hundred sixty five with thirty five deaths Miami Dade County has reported its first death total cases they're now up to seven hundred sixty three Broward not too far behind with six hundred fourteen Monroe County is reporting sixteen cases Miami Dade stopcock is pleased once the beaches marinas were closer all the businesses are complying we really haven't had issues we're all doing it together as a law enforcement to community and I think the message is really getting out there you see it for staying at home director Freddie Ramirez tell south Florida's first news officers if not had to make any arrests for violators those who put up a bit of resistance are abiding through community policing and air traffic at some of south Florida's busiest airports being disrupted by the coronavirus southwest is the biggest carrier it both Tampa and Orlando international airports and the discount airline just cut fifteen hundred flights from its daily routes incoming flights from places like Denver Jamaica Memphis in Chicago's midway have been canceled the airline says it's been in contact with passengers about all the changes southwest management said the cutbacks had to be made because they were losing lots of money on each flight Alan Spector newsradio six ten W. I. O. D. what to read on the big board today Dow Jones industrial average down seven hundred sixty one points to twenty one thousand seven ninety the nasdaq is off three and a quarter percent two hundred fifty four points S. and P. five hundred down eighty four points news is brought you by the very financial group stop gambling with retirement funds and for more on the corona virus could be I heard radio weapon tap the podcast app for the latest news and information what rush coming up after weather I'm L. Lewis newsradio six ten WYO D. H. H. as low temperatures a few degrees above average after tying a record yesterday will run through this morning clear this afternoon blue sky eighty seven tonight clear seventy tomorrow sunshine eighty five Sunday a few clouds around the highs again middle eighties with updates around the clock Akan suffered a severe weather station the weather channel's restated on newsradio six ten W. I. O. D. this report is sponsored by express pros dot com leap over a stressful job or a bad boss it's time to get to know express employment professionals more than half a million people find.

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