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Now there's always two sides to yeah okay fair enough well tear obsession with jose canseco oh i email your office and you were like looking up like jose canseco steroid something okay okay so the the of acts tori there in it's not here right now but i was trying to i end up on these tangent sometimes when i'm writing no kidding so kitty so i was writing up my video on the lg graham 27th and i wanted a way to describe the change in the battery life okay so what lg did was they increased the overall weight of the unit by about ten percent on all of which all of it is pure battery just like cramming and more battery so the line in the video i wanted to be it was going to be like more roy did up van acts and i was trying to figure out what could possibly be the most voided up thing on earth and so i ended up doing adventure and sometimes it just for one reference or one line in a script because i think the the finished script ends up being something like more write it up then late nineties baseball early ball or something the early nineties mlb i think is what i say and in order to write that line and make sure i get like the era of right and make sure it's about his did up his anything can be absolutely and i and a half of recite end up down these rabbit holes and like okay so is it can say core maguire you know who who do we knew who who roy did the most bonds to oblige think bonds never admitted it is unlike i didn't want to because remember to it's more than just me getting the era of the royal ding rights making sure that it's confirmed in and i'm not going to get sued for libel more like defamatory statements or whatever the i mean can you imagine if that was the end of this story.

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