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Christine sports center espn sports centre that is correct you like those deriving guitars same male punch puzzle guru greg plo sca had it our contestants to while there was another very close an exciting match but christine is the winner of round two so this means you each one one game we're going to go onto a quick gained three now here's how this works i'll give you a category and you'll go back and forth naming things that fall into that category the first contestant to mess up we'll be eliminated now you buzz in to answer first here's your category on a standard american computer keyboard named the punctuation marks above the number keys damien the at symbol the at symbol is above the number two christine the back rights a posture fee thingy i'm sorry there is no a pasta v above a number kiana standard keyboard so christine we are sorry to see you go and damien congrats you're headed to the final round coming up we'll find out who will face off against damien in her final round and i'll ask jason mraz what it's like to win not one but two grammys and not one but two team choice awards plus will also talked to him about his avocado farm avocado just go away i move your eisenberg and this is asked me another from npr we like to say a quick thank you ensure message from one of our sponsors visit saint pete clearwater dedicated to being a bastion of creative of culture and natural wonder in what can be a derivative world offering spontaneous music on the beach plagued by human musicians hosting florida's largest pride festival and honoring the gruber a deceptively find fish also featuring rooftop cocktail bars sugar whitesand emerald green water and hot orange sunsets for more check out visits ap clearwatercom.

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