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Presented by phasic tipton on the horse racing radio network. Stop charging Maria. Far outside goes third, wedding toast now picks it up forth, stellar wind, angles wide in the 5th position, Carolina 6 sheer drama 7th, frivolous goes to the grandstand side in 8th, got lucky has a ways to come has to go very wide in the stretch as wide open, stellar wind stopped charging Maria going at it for the top spot moving by the 8th pole. Yahil wood next, calamity Kate toward the inside, sheer drama is 5th. Stop charging Maria short lead. Stellar wind is fighting on, stop charging Maria just keeps battling back. Stop charging Maria wins the long Jean breeders cup distaff for Javier castellano in one minute, 48 and four fifths seconds. Welcome back to trainer talk presented by phasic tipton right here on the horse racing radio network, Mike penna, Jude feld in our Lexington studios continuing to visit with trainer Todd pletcher about his stellar career. Stop charging Maria winning the breeders cup distaff in 2015, Kurt Becker had the call. That was at keenland. And of course, winning for trainer Todd pletcher. It was one of two breeders cup victories for Todd on that program, of course he won the dirt mile in 2015 with Liam's map. So it was an outstanding breeder's cup and Todd, I can imagine that you couldn't have asked for anything better going into that one. No, I mean, the one thing we felt like we learned from the year before was that stop charging Maria ran very well when she was fresh and so we decided not to run her after Saratoga and just train it up to the breeders cup and I remember last breeze prior to the breeders cup was she was actually the last one that we were going to breeze prior to the breeders cup all the other horses had pretty the two days prior to that and the forecast of morning was looking a little dicing originally at our schedule to breeze after the break and it looked like rain was coming in. So we called an audible and decided to freeze earth like 5 30 in the morning and it was I mean it's dark and quinoa and it's much better than it used to be in the old days because they've got some lighting around there and from the grandstand and stuff. But I remember clocking and she breathed really well but the Gallup I was like insane to the point where I thought I'd actually mistimed that she went so fast on the Gallup and so I called Mike while she was clocking as it did did you catch that the same way I did? And so I knew she was sitting on a big race and she's generally one of those that was so transparent when she was when she was going to run well she would always breeze really well and so we were pretty excited to coming up to the race and it was great to see her deliver a performance like that. Yeah, she was awesome I might be a little prejudiced because my wife works for town and country farm. But that was a big day for everybody. Certainly for you and for the horse especially she just ran as good as she could run. Absolutely. Yeah, she was terrific and just a genuine and like I said when it's great when you have some of those for ended up two, three, four, 5 year old year and you get to know get to know them well enough that you can just kind of you can read when they're really on their games and she was certainly given us every indication that she was. If you are just joining us here on trainer talk tonight don't forget that if you miss any portion of the show you can go back to our website horse racing radio net and check out the podcast of this show and all of our trainer talk shows at your leisure horse racing radio dot net and horse racing radio network on iTunes. Todd putcher joined us back in 2012 for a 30 minute visit and we didn't get an opportunity that day to touch on some of his more memorable moments in his career, meaning some of the stars that he has been around on the equine side. So we're going to do that for you in the second half of the program this afternoon. And Tyler, I thought what we would do, I'm going to kind of throw it to you and just throw you a name of one of those top horses you've been around and let you kind of fill us in on some of the thoughts that you have. Some of the things that come to mind when I mention that name. And let's go ahead and start writing the beginning. Let's start with the name Jersey girl. I mean, I've always said that I felt like two horses really help my career get going and her and more than ready. I think are the two that really put us on sort of the national scene winning graded stakes and she was our first grade one winner when she won the acorn, but we bought her out of the phasic tips and called her that time two year old training sale from Niall Brennan for the accurately brothers for 220,000. And I mean, she was just an absolute gorgeous silly just everything that Wayne Lucas would teach you about what you want a horse to look like she was that just a big powerful, beautiful mayor and had some success as a two year old, had to give her a little time off. It came back as a three year old and I think end up going 7 for 7 and with wins and maybe corn on the mother goose and the test and just really got our steel going and she's certainly an all time favorite. How about trippy? Trippy was an interesting horror so I tell you he was extremely talented very fast and I guess to put it kindly he was a bad mover. I mean he looked like you're right now washing machine when you come out here but man, you did it did it effectively and quickly and I remember

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