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We're headed to fifty nine this afternoon. Ten fifty four proponents of a plan to legalize adult use of recreational marijuana in New Jersey have seen to proposed deadlines for legislative actions. Come and go. So when does something get done ws, David Madden takes a look governor. Phil Murphy and leaders in the legislature wanted to act by the end of September that got pushed back to the end of October. Now, it's the end of the year. Maybe although Senate president Steve Sweeney insist without these deadlines the debate could drag out well in the next year. I've been very clear that we don't have green with the governor yet, we're close. I would think we're very close by. I think we're gonna need the governor to sign off on the Bill. It doesn't get done if the two houses in the Governor Arne agreement what seems to be an issue is getting enough votes to get a Bill to Murphy who was on record supporting legalization concerns center on taxes to be levied on legal. We'd how to set up and regulate the business end to things and what to do with minor criminal violations of the current law beef at Madden k y. W NewsRadio at ten fifty five. It's money. News on KYW with Courtney Donohoe Bloomberg stocks finding some swagger in its step this morning. Investors are looking ahead to the Tober jobs report at this Friday, the final piece of jobs data before the November midterms may show. Hiring improved with payrolls rising by one hundred nine hundred thousand then berry resources will purchase Houston based oil and gas producer Penn. Virginia for about one point two billion dollars. Tad acreage in the eagle shale play in Texas Mercedes-Benz USA's under investigation by safety regulators who say it's failed several times to notify owners and the government of recalls within a federally mandated sixty day window, Mercedes insists it makes every effort to conduct such operations in a timely manner. And pop patrol is most watched television show for preschoolers this year. According to Nielsen, Nickelodeon, parent, Viacom estimates. The show has generated about seven billion dollars in global retail. Sales Papa troll took the greatest share of licensed merchandise sales from kids under five. Topping the NFL and frozen with money news from Bloomberg on KYW. I'm Courtney Donohoe updating those numbers from Wall Street now the Dow's up two hundred seventy three points, the NASDAQ up eighty six S and P five hundred adding thirty eight points. Remember when you couldn't order a ride.

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