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Our a third part minutes after the hour pro football talk live dez bryant the cowboys receiver who was a first round pick back in two thousand ten wearing number eighty eight one of the fixtures of the franchise there continues to be a sense that at some point he is going to be squeezed to take less than twelve million dollars for two thousand and eighteen he has not played over the last two years like a guy who deserves that kind of money so he's going to have to decide at some point do i take less to stay or do i leave now part of taking less money also means i believe continuing to accept what essentially has become a lesser role because for whatever reason quarterback dak prescott won't throw the ball down the field to him prescott doesn't trust bryant the way that maybe he could or should in those 5050 situations where we continue to see bright xl now maybe that something that prescott gets over as he gets more comfortable maybe the coaching staff drills it into his head a little bit more gets him to take chances with the ball gets him to realize the dez isn't gonna let him down either way stephen jones the teams executive vice president chief operating officer various titles son of jerry jones and basically guy who's running the show now even if jerry thinks he is stephen jones said in an event on thursday no one wants to compete and get after it more than dez at the same time we all know this is a business where everyone had to be accountable we're going to be grinding out trying to understand what is in our best interest of the business that means we're going to squeeze him and he knows they're going to squeeze them it was so funny when the topic came up during the season he was asked to pat it it is a locker take a pay cut now now i don't want one of those okay so it's one thing did not want a pay cut in isolation but when you're alternatives are take a pay cut to stay with the.

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