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Between any one of those three that become the favorite in the oaks. Kevin kirstein, ladies and gentlemen, he's does a fantastic job over at Churchill downs and hopefully we'll get a chance to catch up with him. Again, next week, when we bring you our three Derby countdown shows presented by hill and Dale at a lapa, those come your way Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday morning, live from Churchill downs myself, Bobby Newman and Jude felt. We'll talk with so many of the top connections and really excited to be over there. Those shows, by the way, 8 to ten eastern Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday next week. Kevin really appreciate the visit this morning. Go enjoy the rest of the weekend and we'll see you next week. Absolutely. You're tense already set up back there. We're ready to have you really excited to have you guys back. And just saw flow about ten minutes ago. He's on his way to Keenan, and make sure he doesn't get a speeding ticket when he's talking to you next on the interview. He's got the turf worker at ten. So he's on his way to keelan, so I think he's primed and ready to talk Derby in your interview. I just want him to stay in an area where his cell phone is going to work. You know, it is radio. You have to stay in an area where that cell phone is going to actually work. Yeah, I'm trying to think of where he would actually be on the road. I guess it depends on how fast he's going down 64. We know he loves to go fast. So I'm looking forward to visiting with him coming up in just a few minutes at 9 eastern. Kevin appreciate it, brother. Absolutely happy Derby. Yeah, happy Derby to you as well. By the way, we are going to visit with so many of the top names in, well, associated with both the oaks and The Kentucky Derby coming up next week. You're going to hear from Hall of Fame jockeys, Mike Smith and from John Velasquez. We're going to talk with so many of the top trainers, including Brad Cox who will stop by for a visit. So make sure that you tune into those shows will have handicappers on with us too to kind of get you ready for both the oaks and the Derby Tuesday Wednesday Thursday morning. The Derby countdown shows presented by hill and dad alapa 8 to 10 a.m. eastern. Those are on different SiriusXM channels, so head over to our website and check out that information as well, but make sure you join us all week long as we get you set for the run for the roses. When I come back, it is time to join Bobby Newman for this week's edition of calling all three year olds presented by spendthrift. And then flora drew kicking off our number two. This is the equine forum on the horse racing radio network. Hi Tony. Hey, Matthew. There's a reason why Tony steaks and seafood is my favorite restaurant. It's because I want to feel part of the family. Isn't that right, Tony? That's right. There's a saying on the wall that I truly believe in. There's always room for one more at our table. We just want you to be part.

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