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Traffic safety administration and the ad council. Can you tell if these vegetables are being contaminated with bacteria that could cause paralysis. Listen you can't see it either. Use different cutting boards so that the bacteria in raw meats and seafood and their juices doesn't touch prep services for other foods like veggies. Raw food may contain bacteria that can make you very sick or worse. Roughly three thousand americans will die from food poisoning this year. But you can keep your family safer check your steps at foodsafety dot gov brought to you by the usda hhs and the ad council dear. Smokey bear for teaching us how to prevent wildfires. For seventy years. Outdoor lovers would like to say something. Happy seventieth bigeye. Let's bring it in for a bear hug. Come home for safety tips. Visit smokybear dot com brought to you by the us forest service your state forester and the ad council. Join me as i prepare. A collection of cherished family recipes passed through generation watch recipes for disaster at foodsafety dot gov. You'll learn the right steps. Meritas everything wrong brought to you by the usda hhs and the ad council steed said that me down here you. What are you a yellow booger. Banana slug steven. What are you doing in my room. And your sense of adventure. It's been a long time since we've had an adventure in the forest menteur printers the forest last year. I'm a slug steven. It took me a long time to get here. You're right. I should get out. Yeah i did not that far away. Hey mom come to the forest where the more adventurous you lives. Check out discover the forestall org for cool places nearby brought to you by the us forest service and the ad council today. You a greek yogurt. You took the train you wonder why people spend so much time reading celebrity blogs you read the celebrity blog you plan to work out. You skipped it. You did all the things that one normally does the day before a devastating earthquake shakes community to the ground. You never know when the day before is the day before. Prepare for tomorrow at ready dot gov slash today brought to you by fema and the ad council sky blue. Why don't animals talk. Why do dogs have noses wives them. Eleven pronounced one one to ask a lot of questions. Why do i have a belly button. But you don't have to know every answer the ocean salty because you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. Thousands of children in foster care who don't need every question answered lies pizza around. You just need you. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed feed radio network at live dot heartland you feed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by stuff on facebook twitter and instagram's. It's not a crisis. Tell lisa brady fox news that assessment from the homeland security chief about migrant children on the southern border. That's the biden administration defends. Its early moves on immigration. Fox's rachel sutherland has more live lisa. Approximately one hundred five families separated. The southern border have been reunited according to homeland security secretary. Alejandro my orcas as he announced. Refugee advocate is now leading the effort. Fired michelle brennan as the executive director of the family. Reunification taskforce frenetic was most recently with the women's refugee commission the vitamin has been dealing with an influx of unaccompanied. Minor is coming across the border. My ircus characterize increases a challenge. Not a crisis lisa. Thanks rachel president biden. Meantime holds his first virtual meeting with mexico's president later today the rollout of a third cova vaccine is underway in the us with the first shipments of the newly approved johnson and johnson. One dose shot but cdc director rochelle. Walinsky says she's worried about states easing restrictions with daily cases of covid still hovering near seventy thousand and variants spreading most recent saturday average of cases. Approximately sixty seven thousand two hundred represents an of a little over two percents compared to the prior seven days. She says the seven day average of jeff's has also risen to nearly two thousand per day and globally world health organization officials says it would be premature unrealistic finish with this virus by the end of the year. School officials in pine bluff. Arkansas southeast of little rock are describing. A school shooting is an isolated incident. One student reported injured at watson chapel junior high and all campuses in the district put on lockdown while police investigate. America is listening to fox news. If you're using anything other than indeed for your hiring you are wasting your time. Hire great people fester with indeed only pay for results and get back time in your schedule. Indeed com helps you find quality candidates instantly with indeed instant match indeed searches through the millions of resumes in their database to help show you great candidates instantly get started right now with a free seventy five dollars. Credit to upgrade your job post at indeed dot com slash fox indeed dot com slash fox offer valid through march thirty first terms and conditions apply fallout continues from the deadly deep freeze that left millions without power and water in texas. The state is now suing over massive bills. Sent to some customers sixers attorney general. Ken paxton is suing the electric provider gritty which charges ten dollars per month to give people away to pay wholesale prices for electricity. Though in the winter storm hit two weeks ago gritties wholesale prices for some spiked as high as sixteen thousand dollars paxton calling the charges outrageous and unlawful gritty saying in a statement after it was effectively shutdown. And it's always been transparent and customer centric and every step a class action lawsuit has also been filed in the case. Jeff monosso fox news. Another of the state's power providers is filing for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection brazos and electricity co op. That services sixteen utility companies is facing nearly two billion dollar envoys from the state's grid operator and says it doesn't wanna pass the high costs onto the companies or their customers. A surgeon goes viral for appearing in court virtual lane while performing surgery. The california medical board has opened an investigation into a surgeon who made zoom court appearance while in the middle of surgery. Dr scott green had already begun his medical procedure when he was called by the clerk of the sacramento superior court in the now viral video. Medical equipment sounds and more can be heard while green appears in his surgical. Scrubs the court commissioner adjourning the hearing once he realized what was going on despite green saying that another surgeon would take over the procedure. While green addressed the court by councilman fox news wall street's rallying potentially to new highs right now the dow's up.

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