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We are that is cargo around the would what are you doing in about butter is in relation to european intention to ensure that this landlocked country has access to ports and every statement you said that the rally board is important will continue compliment what is injured with over one hundred million people where the growth of twenty percent neta single port is able to support them so we as a dp would we're not talking about politics facilities to provide to ensure that this is part of what we do anyone very briefly we understand that you've been in talks to buy the russian ship or festival what are you likely to reach a deal what's what's the state of play there will we have been looking at the seven years ago which basically minority portend was just which we sold we time to get him we are partnered with the the investment fund and fiscal is one of the company we've been looking at we like it because it has only has done this petition to leak no no no l is still under negotiation but there are certain emissions we need from the russian government which as soon as dot is done could be up next does the banking sector need more consolidation the ceo of rock bank thinks it does we get from peter england that's next this is bloomberg to be a successful entrepreneur the expertise of the best and most prosperous entrepreneurs is a big advantage in think bigger real estate developer michael sonnenfeldt reaches out to his network of entrepreneurs and.

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