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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, if you're recovering tonight and watching seriously, I would do anything for you. I would I would literally donate a rib for you. Although by ribs and white not be might say. Up your whole body. I'm just saying he's really on a roll. I mean, the jokes just one after another that we've got a lot of things in front of us here a lot on our plate Lawrence. But the people are going to be heard and they're not going away just because they won on Tuesday night. All right. So what he said was nothing absolutely nothing. But yet they keep up. Did at the end will you can keep going. But he says we gotta keep going for twenty twenty. They're gonna be heard even though we won what he says the people are going to be hurt. Even though we one is that I mean, you'd say that would be the again, this is cognitive. Listen to the end again. What is it? What is it? You want? But you're used to. But you get the trophy dissect we've got a lot of things in front of us here a lot on our plate Lawrence. But the people are going to be heard and they're not going away just because they won on Tuesday night. They're not going away. Just because they won. I understand your confusion, but it gets better in the civics lesson. If there was a way to do the map where we actually built the map and showed by population. How large this area of the country by population? You would see the bluest of blue hill. Need sunglasses are so much blue on the screen on the map. Now you need to blue blocker glasses. If we actually. By the size of its population. Not the size of how many acres state has to. He believes that the Senate. Somehow is the Termine by the acres acres. They have this was an election. This is people are oh got the Senate. Yes, they have to set it. But that's because that's that's not a democratic election. One person one goal now because we're also not a democracy, you do where a constitutional Republic. True democracy. No doesn't mean that Delaware gets the same number votes. In the Senate as California with forty billion people live there. If it was a true democracy. The Senate would be proportional to the actual numbers of of the country. So says two houses for they'll. But he just he just skipped over that. He feels the Senate should be the same as the house. You take the Senate throw them away. That's the way to solve this just dissolve the Senate to fix that. We have to the electoral college, we need to have preferential voting systems where you vote your first choice or secondary. So we'll get a more. I've never heard of this the preferential voting system where you get to do. Well, if this is not this guy, I wanted to be this lady's implemented that years ago, you have to do a one two and three is that a good system. Well, ends up with for example. Dianne Feinstein a democrat running against the democrat. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Well. We'll be hearing more from Mr Michael Moore. But the series of clips I really want to get to. We don't want the. This is the you don't want a democracy pure democracy because it always results in a majority rule. Mob. Rules. Yeah. It's very bad. Very that's why the Republic works. So. Well. Away at it says Senate, Delaware. I find that. Actually, that's kind of treasonous in a way, you can say whatever you want. But the keep saying that it's, you know, we're not a democracy. We'll no we're not. But make it sound. Like, it's such a stupid ideas. We're pretty well. And then all this. This is the same group of people like the woman who's now the congresswoman from Michigan. Or congressional Representative which is the way that like to sit if. From Michigan standing up have you ever read the constitution getting thrown out of a meeting? She group to tell you read the constitution, you understand why they doing it this way. And to have you read the constitution, Michael Moore that would be that would be the question..

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