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Break my heart but you cannot take my soul and my daughter emily. She's a talented musician. She's and a powerful voice of her generation. She's to fresh people the people but you have to make the first step to say that. And i messed a fierce. I'm glorious fun. I'm a performer. I've been married for forty two years. Have two children one grandson and five. Dogs listened to read tabletop. Stefan's as part of the mike duda podcast network available on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts You know at the college level. Tony coaches have control. They control the personnel. Nick saban's personality to me is more controlling. It's a better fit in the n. College than it is in the nfl. bella check has control pete carroll does but they've also had sort of odd drafts bills really struggled at some positions in the draft. Pete's missed some first rounders several. You could've worked in college but you always felt like a pro coach control. Wasn't that valuable to you. Go back to your career. How because i see a lot of these coaches now. All college coaches want control but some of these. Nfl guys. they want more say in personnel. Heck aaron rodgers now says he wants saying personnel i. I'm not a fan of that. What you tell me did it matter to you. How did you in polian make it work. People asked that question all the time especially lately you know who had control of the draft the final say who had the final say on the fifty three. I honestly don't know colin. I'm sure built. Did but you know. We would have discussed and i knew bill was not going to draw the player that i didn't want i was not gonna keep a gallon team that building what we had a great capacity to listen to each other buildings out and work together. And that's what you have. And it was a partnership. And and i don't understand this You know i've got to be ride has got to be my way. I've gotta have control. when started. Coaching in nineteen eighty-one chuck knoll. I went into his office on said. What am i supposed to do. I've never coach before. Tell me what i'm supposed to do. He said your job is to help your players play better and it was so simple but that is the formula and so i always felt that way. I don't have control. i have to help. My players played better now. Bill poland and ritz mcvay before that to their credit they got to know what kind of players would flourish. Well under me and so. Hey don't drop the player that needs a full time babysitter. Don't draft the pair player. That's not motivated. That's not what tony's good at. He's gonna coach him. He's going to work. He's gonna help them. But certain types of guys are gonna flourish here. Certain types of guys aren't and once we understood that we were in great shape. Did you ever have a player that you looked at and you went to bill or mccain said i this this this is gonna work for me and maybe there was pushback but you knew innately tony. This kid works for me that that is exactly what i want. Yeah and we got to know that we had what we call the buck filter. When i was at a tampa we did the same thing. What does it look like. And so bill. Poland got to know that very well and so the guys who might have been off other people's right are bob. Sanders is small. he's undersized but man he is up fiery guy he's attitude guy and you know and some schools would be that way. We had a lot of success with the iowa guys because we knew they were coached to certain way they were ready to go. We knew we're gonna get. And i i think that's really important. Who's gonna flourish in your system. So it must. You must look at the green bay situation. I know i do. And i just can't figure it out i i'll tell you say tony i wouldn't want control over personnel at fox it's i i can barely figure out how to host a show. Podcast i don't want it when you look at the green bay situation. Do you just roll your eyes at i do and you know as great as peyton manning was and is but they want to be involved in things. He understood that his focus was not the same as the the organization's focus. I was the same way as the head coach. My focus was on winning this year. Bill cullen had to focus on three four and five years down the line. So i had to defer to him. I couldn't say hey. We've got to make this decision. And it's gotta be this way i'll give you a classic example are super bowl year the year before we came. Close don't win it edrich. james's up. He's a free agent and bill. Pollen comes to me and says ed gonna get six or seven million dollars on the open market now. We could pay him and he deserves it but if we signed him i can tell you right now tony. We're gonna lose the white friday dallas. Clark reggie wayne two or three years down the road. We won't be able to resign or we can let go. It's a great year for the draft. We can draft laurence maroney. Maurice jones drew or joseph di and will resign those other three guys and we'll be competitors along time. What do you wanna do. While my first thing cl- niceness. We got to win this year. Let's re sign it. If we can do it. we can squeeze a dead. Let's do it but then when you really think about down the road. That's not the right thing to do i. I was focused in on that year. I didn't know the running backs coming up. Well sure enough we let during go. We draft those madurai. He plays great force when the super bowl and long. After i'm retired there are still in consensus for super bowl. Yeah the tony. You're a guy that could have you look at these coaches now in the salaries and there is this sort of I always worry about. Nfl coaches that. The league's not healthy for coaches. That it just asks so much of them now. College football tony. There's two signing periods. They have no off season if you're on a phone constantly As somebody who deeply loves the game or you ever concerned the coaching is less healthy than ever. I absolutely am and i know i was very very blessed to work for chuck. No and not get put in that situation. When i was a young coach and see a coach who was successful and didn't make it his whole life i worked for denny grain for four years then it was the same way so i saw you could do it that way. I tried to do it. That way and demonstrate to my coaches and players that we can win we can be successful and we can still have family light. We can have social life. We can As as chuck would say we can find purpose somewhere else and so. I'm really grateful to see mike tomlin. Go on and do it that way herm edwards and lovey smith and a bunch of guys who were with makes but i see the other side of it too and i see the people that feel like men. I've got to win. I've got to be here. I'm going to pour everything. I've got into this because i owe it to my organization my staff and you're right. I don't think that's helpful Andy reid. I always had this theory. Is that bella. Check dominates coaches. That have a certain system what he struggles with is quarterbacks that can move he struggled when he played cam and he struggles with coaches who don't have a system there play designers so andy reid his given ballot check problems. He doesn't have a system. He gets his players. He designs plays for his players. That bill is very good at film. Study this is what you do. I'm taking it away from you. Bella check is largely viewed as the best football coach of our lives. And you and bill had some real struggles was there. Were there things that bill did. The you felt you had success with. I mean you were in the rare position that you had a quarterback that was as good as his and so a lot of your games with bill tony. They were chess matches. They were real chess matches. And if you take the audience to this you add some success against him. Andy reid at the list is very short and Did you enjoy those. Were those sleepless nights. Take me back to those..

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