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Florida man calls for recount in Florida Senate race. Bill Nelson Bill Nelson says now I gotta have a recount wants to recount the Florida Senate race he called today for recount against Republican governor, Rick Scott, an automatic recount is triggered Wendy final. Margin is less than five percent are points are point five percent and has not triggered by candidate. Requests votes are still being counted. He argued Scott's leaders within that margin. The initial vote count won't be finalized until Saturday at noon. So. This. So we'll we'll touch back on that. Because people don't understand that I'm on air and trying to do a damn radio shows to quit giving me damn requests. When I'm on air. Moving on here. This. Newsday is just is making me infuriated. Because too many things are happening Florida man bruise, a pot of coffee and smokes a cigarette. During a burglary say deputies who does this stuff? Santa Rosa beach a burglary suspect made a pot of coffee before stealing items from Florida business. He was arrested after investigators found his DNA on a cigarette, but an empty cups of coffee left behind inside the building deputies with Walton county sheriff's office says James Dexter Jackson Jackson entered the regional utilities on Santa Rosa. They said he had anyway, he he stole about moreover three thousand dollars worth of south in made himself a Cup of coffee and smoke a cigarette. He was totally arrested. I like, you know, I needed to say that this. There's a couple here. Okay. So this is the one I wanted to revisit because I ran out of time with this yesterday. And there's a new thing added. It's not just a Florida man who got bitten by a crocodile when he broke into a crocodile farm. It was afford a man wearing crocs who broke into a crocodile farm, and then got bitten by a crocodile and then arrested literally he was wearing crocs eating dial in underwear. That's it. Saint Augustine a twenty three year old man was injured after breaking into an alligator farm in Florida jumping into a pond full of crocodiles. It happened early Tuesday the alligator farms zoological park, and they found the underwear clad man and with his injured leg crawling across a nearby yard officers found two rubber crock shoes. And a pair of shorts inside this inside this crocodile farm. I mean, so he like he stripped down, apparently, the Saint Augustine police spokesperson told the Florida times union that they also saw a bloody trail leading to a top of a nearby structure outside in a neighboring yard. That's where they found him Brandon Keith Hatfield, maybe the only man besides Mario batali who wears crocs. He was a rut and and post Malone. He was arrested charged with vandalism and then taken to a hospital where he tried to escape before then getting caught in a retention pond line with barbed wire. So he said that he had been bitten by an alligator. And the police were like, yeah. You jumped into a pond infested with big crocodiles. So I don't know he actually because he he calls about five thousand dollars worth of damage because he was because he jumped on the structure and did all kinds of stuff. And then I don't know. So he was arrested in maybe don't do that. I mean, it's, you know, just don't just. Jimmy christmas. The stupidity today. Does knows no bounds? There is a new acts throwing venue in Orlando, which I'm sure is going to be great for Florida, folks. I'll tell you more about Mark at.

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