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What has case fall team member just being doing very outracing break playing best feigns of course with uinta sitting in down here. It's the perfect game to play. While snuggled up in front of the fire or having a quick coffee those lucky enough to be sucking up some weather. Good news best. Feigns is also perfect for quick game beside the pool. All catching some sunshine in the park. You comply it anywhere anytime best. Feigns is more fun than the other matching puzzle. Games are there. It's one of those games. That makes thirty minutes phil luck thirty seconds and it's totally free to download with thousands of fun puzzles to solve this. Something new every day jess is nearing level. One hundred but there's plenty more to go with best feigns the collectible characters just cape coming and best feigns releases new challenges characters and themes all the time just to keep you on your toes. It's currently the olympic themed going for gold challenge with feigned surfer howie up for grabs download the five star rated puzzle game best feigns free today on the app store or google play. That's friends without the best feigns. If you'll looking for a new podcast set in the midst of current events and with all the makings of a true crime political thrilla head over to audible dot com and check out chasing d'alene a new investigative podcast series from executive producer. James patterson the podcast is hosted by veteran journalist. Vicky ward who has been covering the jeffrey epstein saga finale twenty years would i interviewed epstein in two thousand two not realizing how close she came to uncovering the web of sacred its wealth and connections that protected him the decades since then she has on earth epstein ties to a criminal empire of money laundering gun running and international espionage. No story about. Jeffrey epstein would be complete without featuring disgrace to eras gallon maxwell epstein x. lava former employer yay and alleged co conspirator maxwell. He's now awaiting trial and could hold the k. To unlocking the truth behind epstein featuring a combination of testimonies plus previously off the record transcripts this series not only serves. One report is quest to one. Ravel the mystery behind epstein but he's also an examination into the secret history of mayo power that enables and pre-tax countless others a real life. Geopolitical thrilla will reframe frame and ray define the epstein saga chasing. Elaine is available exclusively on audible to start listening goto audible dot com slash chasing that's audible dot com slash chasing. You know what's awesome funding a healthy way of life that works for you and to isn't crammed with other people's health goals that just don't suit you case fall team. Member jess has tried them. All extremely restrictive diets allah's of excised. The die ended drinking herbal teas. That made her feel sick but at wasn't until noon came along that she realized she was doing things that might work for other people but didn't work for her instead of setting strict rules. New mean pal. Is you with the knowledge to build smarter. More sustainable habits and behaviors. Because you don't need rules to lose white just the knowledge and wisdom to help you build smarter habits that you can stick to long term and in your corner you have your very young coach and others on the same path to ci you on and to motivate you when you needed since starting neum jess has lost weight has more energy and can think more clearly that afternoon brain fog has gone stop building better habits for healthier long-term results so in up for your trial at noon dot com slash case file. That's an o. M. dot com slash case foil to sign up for your trial on friday july. Eight nine twenty one eleven year old florence little completed her homework her dinner and did her nightly choice at nine pm. She asked her father george if she could go outside and play for a while with. He's permission. Florence met her good friend. Flossie jones outside on. Darren straight abbott. O'leary as the two young girls leave just a few doors from one another uh they played together often that not they skipped along playing hopscotch unaware that someone was watching them afterwards. The pair headed to flossy home but flossie soon left to visit an aunt in a neighboring straight. She bid farewell to her friend before heading out the door. Florence didn't return to her own home instead staying at the joins house. She wasn't alone. Also present was fossey's older brother. Fifteen year old harold jones. It had gained seventeen days since he was acquitted for the murder of freida burnell to the jubilation of his town according to differing reports harrowed. They're invited florence to stay for gloss of lemonade. Or asta to assist him in running an errand since harold trial florence had been cautious around him but she ultimately accepted. He's off the rest of the joneses. Were at the time leaving. Florence alone with harrowed. Hey shot and to locked the front door. Iran danila lleida florence's mother. lc arrived at the giants residents. She knocked on the door and after about two minutes harrowed answered. He was shirtless and smiling. Hato del see that he had just been taking a bath. Show ya steve. He had seen florence as she hadn't returned from playing with flossy herald said that she had been at the house but left early Vira back door with the intention of going home. Elsie looked for her door throughout the surrounding straits but failed to find her nervous and scared. She phoned the local police who commenced their own search at eleven fifteen pm word quickly spread and just as they had done with freida burnell five months earlier locals gathered to look for another little. Go coal miners. Who would you to stop work at five. Am left their warm beds to search in the freezing cold among the many locals looking for florence. Was harold jones. Who.

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