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Promise the blue WTA terms and that is Tina Turner I continue to or I should say that was their first single ozone Sue and the story was really interesting. I Turner had written a fool in love for art Lasseter and Tina was going to be singing back up with Lasseter's backing vocalist arlette and Lasseter didn't show. Not terribly unusual, but Turner had already paid for the studio time that techno sonic. So here comes Tina, who was pretty bold, in fact, the way she got to sing for Ike in the first place was pretty ball. But anyway, she steps up and she said, well, you paid for the time anyway. Let me sing it. And he figured, well, I did pay for the time. We'll record it as a demo. And so what he wanted to do was ultimately erase her vocals and then add art Lasseter when he could get him there. And meantime, a disc jockey in St. Louis heard the audition tape sent it to juggy Murray, who was president of Sue, Murray liked Tina, obviously, saying she sounded like screaming dirt. It was funky. So he bought it outright. And a paid in $25,000 for that. And also, while Murray was dealing with Ike, he said, you know, you need to make her the star of the show. All right, now at this point, she isn't Tina yet. She's still anime Bullock and little Ann was what she had been known at the reviews. So it was juggy, who said, little a that's not going to cut it. And actually it's terrible to admit. But Georgie Murray was in impressed by Sheena Queen of the jungle. And said, 18 is close to Sheena go for that. And so of course, Ike added his own last name and he trademarked the name so that if Anna May left him like his previous singers did, well, who could blame them, but nonetheless, he would just replace her with another Tina Turner. But of course, she didn't leave him. Like I say, right after she wanted to end their love affair right as a full love was coming out, you know, he pretty much said, take that and hit her upside the head with a wooden shoe thing. That you used to see in the least it wasn't one of those metal ones. But nonetheless, the rest of us would have been out of there. In a heartbeat. But no, Tina's stuck around and actually married him a couple of years later and she couldn't claim she didn't know what she was getting. All right, so back to a friend in Austin with the advice for Stacy. So yes, you're right, by the way, Fran, that the few good things about Austin is they do have a lot of services. Yes, that's one of the reasons I was there other than not knowing where else to go. And not the money to move, but that's one of the good things that they do have those services. But back to Stacey, I'm sure it sounds like she has trouble walking, I would think so. I think she's got diabetes and obviously all the things that come with it. But in terms of why she doesn't ambulate better, I don't know. I'll ask. Yeah, I didn't hear any other disability other than diabetes, which I'm not saying that's nothing. Why does that by any means? No, but if there is what she has to get a doctor's note, saying that for whatever reason, she has trouble walking or standing for long periods of time. And I mean, it's not as great as being able to just get in your car and it's not as great as having somebody drive you there. But there are so many tradeoffs, you know, I'm trying to think of the nicest way to say this when you sometimes you get into a situation where People. out of love for you do kind of do things for you and I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but when you get into kind of a mindset of, okay, who can I get to help me with this? Right. Who can I get to do that? No, you're absolutely right. The cost is your independence. Obviously. And this is your independence and sometimes it's your Friends. Well, yes. You do that long enough. It will be your Friends. But yeah, you're absolutely situation. When I first got divorced, you know, I had lived on my own since I was 18. So it wasn't really a big deal except for the fact that I got married when I was in my 20s to a guide that could see. And we agreed, you know, nothing was going to change. He wasn't going to do everything for me just because he could drive me well, he didn't drive actually, but. So on and so forth. Well, you know, over time, it's like, well, I'll take care of that. Well, I'll do that in the next thing I knew. I've got him reading the mail. I've got him doing this and that and the other thing. I mean, I'm not saying that I made him do it. It just kind of melted into that. And I think in some ways he kind of enjoyed because we were having trouble in the marriage and I think that he thought that if I was dependent on him, I wouldn't leave. Well, sure. I mean, it's the ultimate control.

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