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K. Welcome back to the gold. Mine podcasts as editor. Patrick prints and podcasts. A proud member of the pantheon group of podcasts. We have a cool podcast episode this week. And it's because it's leading up to the anniversary the fifty second anniversary of woodstock and we have someone who knows woodstock very well longtime goldmine rider. Mike green black. Hey might as going back so mike. We did a podcast episode two years ago and it was the fifty th anniversary woodstock and you had a book coming out maybe could remind listeners. About your book woodstock back to on it's beautiful hardcover book with hundreds of pictures and all kinds of memorabilia and a personal anecdotes about falling in love There's a section of golden bite into the dance but with an incredible list of artists that they wanted to perform in for one reason or another. They couldn't we list those artists and we list the reason they couldn't perform you also list every single artist. The timing they went on the timely went off their set list their personnel and their top five albums. and there's also some some things are set straight also in the book especially the schedule. If you go online you see all different times list it so you guys got the right time of every band you were there so i mean sometimes on asset sometimes not but you were not lucky and i was able to be to interview bill hanley. The godfather of concert sound He really should be in the rock and roll hall of fame and through bill hanley. He turned me onto some of these other guys behind the scenes like professor langhorne at nyu. Who was just an amazing hero woodstock as well as some of the other people even spoke to the guys that were up on stage warning people about the brown acid. I spoke to fans artists managers all kinds of people that were related to woodstock and i must say people are loving. It asked you. Did you speak to the promoters. I did not speak to the promoters. Probably because they had their michael lang had his own book out. Maybe that's why i don't know. what are you saying. Grew quick before we get to. You did a new article for a gold mine which is the best albums of woodstock artists and lists all thirty two artists. You give your best what you think. Their best record is which we'll get to a moment. But i never heard your opinion of the other woodstock events. Nineteen ninety nine and nineteen. Ninety nine was a disaster and michael ninety four and michael lang made excuses about ninety nine. There was a big riot. A big fire is a documentary about it It was not in the same spirit of the original woodstock and personally my opinion is that the whole thing was a disgrace Should not have been called woodstock. It should have been called something else. I don't know you feel. I agree with you. Although the documentary fascinating it is yeah. It was just an event that it it just didn't work fred durst from limp. Biscuit incited a riot telling people to burn stuff telling people to destroy stuff i mean..

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