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My man drew down on the super juice coming me. He's a hater known. Hey sh you say he shows them love but he says ness would like to thank kayla. Plant al hayman for sponsoring this broadcast. Elo the hate. Israel keep the same energy for your boys. Hank wins and crushing it out a he. The biggest five from one forty one forty seven thirty one forty seven. He said keep the energy vegas knows. Baz let me see. I think i got the mgm app in his someone. Let me see vegas guided at. Who got the vegas that the mgm. One i definitely don't got that. But i can hit you with another project chat. Nothing bro draft. I'm actually gonna do it. Mybookie account. 'cause i don't fuck with no box. Cimber we roll with my bookie yo. Ken stone says if king nella wins. Will you come back to the team. I'm always getting on just don't like the way. He's being a dictator to this guy with a high emphasis on dick young. I can assist that. Ma'am i stay a legit. But you ain't got to be a dickhead just because you want what you want. You know what i'm saying. He wants a one way. Rematch you you. Spray signs of shot at a rematch. Like i earned my shot every match. But you want me not to get it. Because you are diva and divas greek. I let me tell you something. It's war from the beginning. The negotiations is war. Everything is war bad stuff like this doesn't surprise me anymore in oh But i think that that. And who cares. I mean who cares but like talking about it now like that reasons. The reasons that we spoke about What hap- will not reasons. But what happens when he gives up those belts you know after he if he wins against caleb plant. That's very interesting to me. I don't know if that was a part of what influenced the caleb to say. You know what who cares. You know if i lose. I'm disguised staying here. So i won't give fudge. I don't know but you know that's my conspiracies. Mgm is not coming here we go bit mgm boop boop boop stayed on that me man is gonna say let me see track. Track me Man at wants to track you now. Yes they held up with world. They want help from your key strokes to send you more products to purchase that.

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