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See. This passage. This triumphal entry passage begins. It's kind of curious it's it's Gs appropriating the proper transportation. Now, he couldn't just call Uber and say pick me up and Beth Aji and meet me take me Jerusalem couldn't do that. All right. So what did he do this curious story about about getting this donkey, and so he sends two disciples and to get a donkey Colt? And can you imagine? Can you imagine what it wouldn't like for Jesus to writings Roussom on donkey? Can you imagine just the conversation with big on donkey, but he went he sent his disciples to get a donkey Colt of a donkey and so the two disciples do that. And Luke and the other Gosper go into great detail about the story. Now, you're gonna go go to this village is probably the village Beth Fiji because. So he sends the guys in this donkey and exactly what he said what happened happens, and they bring the donkey back, but I have a lot of questions about you. I think a lot of questions did Jesus know did he set this up ahead of time because that's one possibility because he's familiar with the people in these villages because he's been through back and forth. Several different times Bethany and bet either village at a pretty close together. And we all know we we've looked at Bethany because a couple of weeks ago, stoop preached about the home of Mary and Martha and Lazarus in Bethany. Okay. So the Louisville is a little farther up is best for g. So there's a possibility he could have had a time. But Luke presented at probably a little different way. Jesus inspiration. Holy spirit. Whatever he knew it was going to happen. And you might remember tradition tradition. But the culture of that time we learned that the Roman soldiers when they. If they wanted to appropriate somebody Jesus talks about this sermon on mount if if one man wants you to go with a mile remember that aroma soldier say carry my pack, and they have to go with him a certain distance. Okay. Now, what we learn traditions suggest is that same kind of authority was granted to rabbis. Okay. So rabbi Jesus would have been would have been acceptable for him to do this. And that's exactly what happened. So it says go get this. Go get this donkey this cold and. An appropriate for me. And so I'm kind of curious what would what would the what would the owner fought the owner describes his head? And then find the Lord needs it. Okay. Couldn't take this did when the disciples. We don't know which ones it was could have been Peter Andrew any one of the guys. We don't really know. But you wonder how how the conversation went? I wonder was it like Jedi mind trick, you know, this is the donkey we're looking for. I don't really know. But they get the donkey and they bring it back to Jesus. And we know what happens. But then they think okay, why why don't you? Why is it so important that Jesus sets it up this way because he's the one behind it? But then we remember a passage from the Old Testament. We call the Old Testament and the from the prophet Zachariah Zakhir is one of the last book to the Old Testament to be written. And this is what Zachariah writes in chapter nine one verse nine rejoice greatly daughters. Ien shout daughter Jerusalem. See your king comes to you rightous victorious lowly and riding on a donkey on a Colt the full of a donkey to get that Jesus seems to be seeing something here through this through this action. He's saying something about who really is not only him but the disciples. He's trying to say something so Jesus approaching Jerusalem from the east, and there's there's the amount of olives. And there's the valley, and then there's up into the city so to try to get an idea of what this might have looked like we we sent our very own Brian Pollack. We hadn't take the church jet over to over to the holy land. And he took a picture and brought it back to us. And this is the fishery sent just kidding Brian was on holy land tour, and I emailed him this week. I said, do you happen have a picture of what it was a picture from the mount of olive looking into Rousseau? And this is what he sent kinda see here from the mount of all could have Ron come up here. But I'm gonna do that. It'd take too much time. And he talked too much right? But he's from out of the valley going up. But see right there is what is today the Temple Mount. Okay. So it would have been a similar kind of thing obviously nineteen hundred years ago, these and disciples come over the hill and the siege Roussum laid out in front of him. And right in the foreground would have been the Temple Mount with the temple Harrods temple the second temple glorious building and the whole area because the amount of Oz is about three hundred feet higher elevation. So that's why when you come over the hill you'd see all this late out even a few days later as disciples are leaving. And they're leaving by the same road. They came in on as they leave the disciples back in the comment. Look how beautiful this is Lord Macau beautiful the buildings are. And that's when Jesus has something to say, very similar what he says here about temple not going to be lasting longer. But what a sight. And not only that Bizet come over the city would have been filled. It's it's the time of Passover would've been swollen many many times full of people. All for off. We're gospels record this event. It's familiar, I could've asked you. What happened on this on Palm Sunday? You told me you could give me the gist of everything that we just read. But there's some things that Luke brings out and I want us call us attend to call attention to that this morning. First of all, we call this. What Palm Sunday, but Luke is the gospel. That doesn't mention anything about Palm's Nobel's, no branches anything like that. Luke leaves that out for his purposes, it's not important to the story. So he lives at out. And as the people are. The crowd begins singing Chan, they're singing the words of we know of as psalm one eighteen and as a sing chant this, this is this is a psalm that the people would have heard as they enter pilgrim's as they entered into Reuss lem, and there would have been kind of an Tiffany kind of thing. Back and forth kind of thing. Here the words from psalm one eighteen Lord save us grand success blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord from the house of the Lord. We bless you. The Lord is God, and he has made his lights shine on us with bows and hand joined the festive procession up to the horns of the altar bows and hand that's where the that's tradition. That's why we have seen this this who've been regular thing that they would have seen and participated in. But Luke leaves out the Hosanna the other gospels. We hear the word. Hosanna Hosanna who's in highest that kind of stuff Luke leaves that out as well. Because I think probably because his audience wouldn't have known what? Meant. But it's actually kind of a translation of the first part of psalm one eighteen these verses? It means Lord save us or save. Now. That's what that Hosanna word means. But Luke doesn't record that something else is in this passage in again saw one eighteen we hear the words blessed. Hugh comes in the name of the Lord, but Luke changes that in his gospel. It's blessed is the Cain who comes in the name of the Lord blessed is the king something else. That's unique to Luke. The crowd isn't just a fickle crowds. All the people gathered around in Luke's gospel. This is the crowd of Jesus's disciples, Lucas one gospel brings it out now saying there's more than that. But he focuses in on the disciples if the disciples who go get the cold. It's the disciples who put their cloaks on the cold. It's the simple just put Jesus on the Colt. It's the disciples who cry out blessed is the king who comes in the name of lower. Luke's focus is on the disciples. And they're understanding just Jesus is. He is the king. They may not have had a full understanding of what that meant that we pretty much misunderstood that. But they knew they had a glimpse of Jesus really is the king we've been waiting for. And they want to celebrate that. These people are not the ones they are not the ones who a week later. It will be less than weekly will be crying. Crucifying. These are the ones who follow Jesus. But there are others around who are attracted who hear the words who get all excited. Good. This one really be.

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