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Week. Of course, we have Monday off for, for Memorial Day. Came back on Tuesday, and it's just the things exploded on Wednesday with the Mula report or the Mueller press conference. And the dust hasn't completely settled with that. But we have the twenty twenty democrat to wanna be still running around and Biden is in the lead. He has eighteen point lead over the nearest candidate to him. And I think the nearest candidate to him is Bernie Sanders. What's amazing about the Bernie Sanders camp? Is that they are he'll be goal. Again, they're upset because they think that they're getting gypped by the DNC. And you'll of course, they got totally ripped off by the by the, the NC twenty sixteen and, and he'll be Clinton, everything that they accuse the Trump administration. They actually did it was the Hillary Clinton camp that stole the election. From Bernie Sanders. So there's a real fear now that it does if Bernie Sanders and the and the and the, the Bernie Sanders. Oh, crew feeling the berm if they think they get burned the Bernie backers, there's, they're going to walk. They're seeing the DNC media sabotage happening once again. You got new debate rules that are coming up. The Democrats are, are angry about twenty eight thousand of what are they supposed to do? But there's frustration over how the Democrat National Committee is managing the upcoming presidential debates. They they're letting long shot, several long-shot candidates say, the party is stacking the process against them. Tell you this is this is going to be so good. You also have. Elizabeth warren. Cheap spreading bull. A C is spreading bull. So yes, do something to get some traction here. So he's doing all kinds of freebies, and all kinds of craziness. But here's the deal, she was speaking to them. If I had this. Yeah. Lisbeth warren. She was asked about Roe v. Wade. She was asked about abortion now. We've been talking about this a lot lately. Not no, I try to be careful with this issue, because I know that a lot of folks are sensitive to it. I think that the public sentiment of for various reasons is changing about abortion. I believe that we're beginning to accept the fact that, that is a human being and that it's separate. It's rights are separate from the mother's right. But. But no cheap spreading bull. Liz, Elizabeth Warren believes that, that is property that the child is women's property and women could do with it. What she will. She also wants Roe v Wade to remain the law about land. How will you protect Rovigo aid? We need federal law to take every principal. That's in the supreme court decision and just make federal law. Let's.

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