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New we've lost looks brother who i never met 'cause he was killed in a car crash in ninety six m you know look he he lost his brother we lost his sister we lost just a brother in law and then we lost are niece brat who is seven months and so who did brett belong to my brother and my sister in law okay so bo you're rather yeah and that's where you start brett's bomb yeah yeah okay now what had what was she had a rare illness 'em well she didn't it wasn't rare so my brother and ellen who's brett's mom she's the coolest person ever like truly like the coolest person like god couldn't have given me a better sister in law 'em they tried for years to get pregnant and they just couldn't do it in but we don't know why they did i v s i got pregnant with brett well they found out that brett was gonna you know be a downs baby in so we wrap their head around that we care we just wander here and then we found out that brett had a heart condition would require surgery and so brett you know we knew it was gonna be surgery but it was supposed to be easily fixed so brett had surgery when she was a guest on my gosh she was super young well well she i guess who's brett three months i think shoes three months when she had her heart surgery something about brett's body they just they just didn't take so she stayed in the hospital ellen in the hospital for over a hundred days and i go up there almost every day just to see them and his whole brett's hand and seeing her which i have a horrible thing voices she's stare at me like please for the love of god stop just hold my hand but on at seven much she was taken and had a job so how did you guys decided to do the foundation well you know when i did so i never met looks brother who was killed in a car accident and he's.

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