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Culture events that have adjusted to these toronto virus. Times is gbh is executive arts editor. Jarred bone host of the tv series. Open studio which you can catch friday nights at eight thirty right here on gbh. to hello. jared hello great to be with you both you. Well i think you. Jim talked about this. philip guston show when i was not here on vacation but there's the head of the mfa yes matthew title man So what is going on with this. Now who's philip guston. What is the so-called 'blacklash what's happening we have a big update actually and i was just the mfa So we can talk more about the new monet show. That's coming up too but the first big update is something that will becoming to the. Mfa the story that we talked with matthew teitelbaum. The director of the mfa about was this philip. Guston exhibition hugely anticipated retrospective This fifty year career of the artists who died in one thousand nine hundred eighty. A major artist of the twentieth century influenced a lot of other artists of all stripes. All media This was to be a partnership between the mfa here in boston. The national gallery of art in dc the tate modern in london and the mfa in houston one of the Part of the subject. Matter of philip guston As he worked throughout his career was depictions. these cartoonish depictions of the kkk. These hooded figures Driving smoking cigarettes almost these kind of comical looks at the kkk. he is somebody who was very progressive in his art. He added very deliberate reason for depicting these figures As a jewish artist in america in california in the nineteen twenties he was targeted by the kkk as he depict had these depictions but as this show started to come to the fore there started to be blowback about why is this being presented. I think the the this contingency of museums didn't necessarily have the proper language to move forward and really got caught and didn't have a perfect answer for it. So they decided to delay the show until twenty twenty four. And this is what jim and i had spoken to matthew teitelbaum about about about..

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