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That's why a digits Americans exist all it makes sense but. That big that big old boat. Is Not the one on deck today. So at the end of this blathering story without any real point or moral, called the Book of Mormon Joseph Smith Dashed out a bizarre additional chapter called the Book of Ether that definitely feels extremely rushed for some reason. WWLTV read it I have. Young and it just it's very weird. Yeah I it's it's basically. A almost basically a retelling of the book of Mormon with different characters and really really fast Yup. Compared to the book and the rest of the. Lightning speed so. I. I I do WANNA quickly. Interject that I think it's delightful there. So Mark Twain said the book of Mormon, was chloroform imprint. Yeah, and then Christopher hitchens accused him of hitting to close to the mark. Considering it does have a book called eath. Exactly right so doug. You thought that maybe the book of ether was written. Right at the end, because some contemporary archaeological was much older than the narrative of the family of Neef I- colonizing the Americas and six hundred BC. So Joseph Smith had to quickly have an answer for that. Yeah I couldn't find anything to support that and I heard that once and I don't remember where and I've sent out some feelers as well. But you know the beginning of the book of Mormon is six hundred. BC, which is obviously. Much much to recent. Heard that there was that when Joseph Smith was near finishing the book Mormon they had discovered something that predated that, so he needed to find a way to kind of move starting date well, we couldn't find anything to corroborate that you go into the boat. Enter Brig. With, all the SPIDERS, Uncle Doug! Old Make it up as you go. Joe Dashed out the book of ether, which is mercifully short, but for some fucking reason doug mentioned is just a highly abridged duplicate story. Of the Book of Mormon but set sixteen hundred years before it so in this book, the central character is a guy called jared, but no, he isn't. The central characters jared brother, who, though he is referred to dozens of times, and is literally the protagonist never gets a name other than brother of jared, which is kind of a hoot, because Joseph Smith was just a Whiz at making up names, so I don't know. Why didn't just call them? Anti Jared Ha's Ohara haw and call it a day. Wait. You know what he's what his name is right well, but that's not what kind of is, but it came after he wrote the book came after he wrote the book, but he did. Come up with a name every bit as ridiculous as what you just said. Would you like to tell the folks at home what it is then? I would like to do that. His name was Muhannad Maureen comber. Stupidest thing anyone has ever said in the world this. I had I and what's delightful. I didn't have to make that up. That's just. Smith didn't put it in the story in their canonical book. Some guy asked him to bless his son like years later right any blessed his baby, and he said, will you give them a name?.

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