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Underway and into the second quarter in denver after they lengthy weather delay let's check in on the broncos in cowboys and here's bruce morton okay rich we've got 13 25 left in the first half rebecca underway after a lightning to live about an hour the broncos are winning seven nothing could change very soon dallas forced a trevor semi and fumble it was recovered by movie collins of the cowboys dallas has the ball first and go on the denver four as of now the games only touch deng came on a 10yard pass from trevor semyon two emmanuel sanders but again dallas is threatening first and go on the denver three thirteen 25 to go into halftime broncos lead seven nothing all right so that one back underway and the broncos in front seven and nothing ride now let's go to mark myers dolphins and chargeurs through third quarter in la and in late thirdquarter let's get more on this one for mark well here's a minute ago the dolphins kick very short bill go on to make before seventeen th to thirteen in favor of the la rabta how the rams put believe a better history here philip rivers where they sevenyard touchdown pass antonio grape here in the third quarter and that not only put the to a habit of orbit made good the alltime touchdown leader a bunk haida with a one hundred twelve throw a better hurry here today the way about the eighty fare high but gave the quota cuts grandpa broke romert brokered what a great combination you know you have bent over the years river of two hundred eight km pathan yard in this game every great kotler how great growing patrick kennedy hill who account for the only so far for the miami dolphins together albans just picked up the oklahoma make it a four point game 17th thirteen charger with about rubel remaining on the kirk order time thank you very much marketing jay cutler one hundred seventy two yards passing today on eighteen of 25 no turnovers and the touchdown pass to kenny stills has of martin said just a couple of moments ago let's stay in la redskins and rams here's chuck case we are after half memorial coliseum it's the red twenty the rams hand and just if 300 three remaining in the second quarter the.

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