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To upper forties. That's the latest weather. Check out more news and weather on our website at heart and newsfeed dot com. Had a coastguard chief on the show. Yesterday see them Represented i never considered the coast guard for a military career because not a very good swimmer but they are the ones that Park posts safe touch things. Whatever branch with. I appreciate all that you do. You're doing a great job and hope we see home very soon wherever you might be Deployed we also are on or byline dot com and you can go there and click listen live in emails rick at ports bioline dot com check in that away bless The tune in app the iheartradio app stitcher app. Those are all as well if you wanna get in fest. Lips is taking the entire. Sf sketch fast. Which is normally weeks and weeks. That has basically all the venues in san francisco from marines memorial. The great american music hall with the film more or field. I mean they just they take over everything. Well we can't do it because the code. So what do we do. now he gets. Its covid twenty one. But it's all mushed together in a big deal online on the thirtieth of january and we'll talk a jesse thorn coming up next there'll be participating in that freddie dodge the discovery channel join us in about a half hour as well he has a new show a spin off from goldrush and actor actor officer octa ticket up an benach actor john ashton third our off our capital but your calls one eight hundred eight seven eight play one eight hundred eight seven eight them by giving nine. Let's talk and also wanna to get in on. Facebook is leading towards it'll post a blur spot line as well so take a break. Come on back with jesse thorn.

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